about us!

we are two sisters who love to shop and adore an amazing deal. we love fashion, both vintage and new. we absolutely adore the styling aspect of fashion and love making people look amazing no matter their budget. we like to mix decades, high and low, and vintage and new to create unique, creative and unforgettable looks. we believe in dressing fearlessly and wearing what you love.

about two birds (the pop-up shop)

we (nora and megan) have owned our business, two birds, LLC,  since 2009 (so official, right?), and we couldn't be happier with how it's turned out. it started off as a small idea that popped (pun intended) into our heads due to our overflowing closets. the men in our lives were getting a little perturbed that we were taking up so much room with all of our shopaholic acquisitions. we also wanted to be part of a community, and get to know some other vintage-loving people in our area. so we each decided to fork out a little money and start buying items for the first pop-up sale. there is a store in minneapolis called "Fun Sisters" that we got the idea from. they have parlayed their pop-up shop into a number of successful storefronts. we both had full-time jobs and families, so we knew we didn't have the time to do this full time. instead, we opted for the fun pop-up shop experience. it began in megan's house, with the first sale consisting of mainly cute vintage housewares, and a handful of clothing. it was a huge success, and was followed by a wonderful grassroots record growth. we were approached by a vendor to do a few sales with them, which we thought we would try out. we really loved doing our own sales, but as mentioned earlier, we really wanted to meet other like-minded people. we did a couple sales with them, and then decided that we really like having control of our own sales. it was a great experience, and they put on a wonderful sale, but we really wanted to go back to where we had started years before, with our own pop-up sales. we met another lovely vendor, amanda, of Salvaged Strawberry fame, and decided that it would be fun to do the sales together with her. she is not only an amazing vendor, she has also come to be one of our best friends. and now, two birds and Salvaged Strawberry put on a quarterly pop-up sale entitled "it's a date!". we rent out storefronts for a weekend and host these super fun and very exciting sales, complete with a number of retro housewares, vintage clothing, fabulous shoes, purses and jewelery, and even a few (or 10) bottles of champagne!
at the moment, we do not have an etsy shop. as mentioned before, we are both extremely busy with work and kids and other miscellanea. we would love to do an online store, but it just doesn't work time wise...plus, you can't drink mimosas online!

about megan bird:
i am the daughter to parents who have been married since 1967 – happily, second oldest of five sisters, not-quite-the-wife of an amazing man whom i adore, mother to the most fantastic boy and girl that you will ever meet (not to mention the fanciest dog in minneapolis), and friend to some of the most fabulous people i could ever care to imagine. i work a 9 – 5 that allows me to spend quality time with all of the aforementioned people, and the time to work on the blog and to constantly shop for two birds. i adore garage sales and thrift stores, and in the process of attending them, i have taught my children to thrift, as well (they each get a few quarters for each garage sale we attend). i love gardens, patio parties, carb-loaded foods and cold beer – and fortunately – working out. in the summers, we camp and play outside as much as we can, and in the winters, we don't. this is all starting to sound like an online dating profile, so i think i'll stop. i am, however, an open book, so if you have any other questions about my not-too-exciting life, feel free to ask!

about nora bird:

i am the daughter of the same awesome parents as megan (duh) and the middle of the five girls and the best sisters/friends i could ever imagine. i'm head over heels crazy in love with my fabulous hubby, jim, my amazing as all get out daughter, amelia, otherwise known as mimi, and my sweetest little boy in the universe, ben. i am lucky enough, thanks to my smart and hard working (seriously, he is a super man) husband, to be able to stay home full time with my little ones and play all day. i like to think that i am funny, though others may like to think i am not. i love red wine in the winter and white wine in the summer and i will almost never turn down a cold beer. i enjoy yoga and running around the lakes of minneapolis and just working out in general. and i could eat mexican food every day. i hope to some day learn to sew and to front a cover band (seriously, get my autograph now). if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. if i don't know the answer, i will just make something up.

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