Tuesday, September 22, 2015

outfit of the day(bird): your hair's long and black

blouse ~ Stitch Fix
jeans ~ Gordmans
shoes ~ thrifted
necklace ~ World Market

Many moons ago, when Chris and I first met, let's just say that his feelings for me may have been a little deeper than my feelings for him. Obviously things have changed, but back then I thought we were friends, and he was hoping for more.

I introduced him to a local band that he had never heard of and he quickly began to love the band. (Or was he just trying to impress me? I'll never know.) I had all of their CDs (yes we met long enough ago that people still bought CDs) and he wanted them. So I made copies for him. One CD was live, and it had the same song on it twice. Part of the song goes like this:

Your hair's long and black
As it lays 'cross my pillow
When I stare in your eyes
I get lost in your glory

I'm gonna make you love me
I'm gonna dry your tears
And we're gonna stay together
For a million years

Of course when he listened to the CD, and heard this song twice, he assumed I put it on there purposely for him, as a hint that I was secretly in love with him. After all, I did have long dark hair, and, of course, I would get lost in his glory. Hearing the song on the CD twice convinced him to continue to pursue me.

I guess it worked. And now we're gonna stay together for a million years.
megan bird


  1. What a sweet story! =) Just popped in to say how happy I am to see you back... and I'm loving your hair!

  2. So romantic! I'm glad he received your message, even if you didn't send it. Life can be like that...

    Oh, and CD's? You're so young. We made mix-tapes on cassettes.

  3. When Nate and I first started dating, we still made "mixtapes". Yep. Oh young love. I love this story - and you look amazing in that shirt! Ow, ow!!!

  4. Ha! That is so funny. When Patrick and I were first dating he took me to a Kiss concert. I wasn't a fan of the band TBH (although seriously THE best show I have ever been too--holy cow can they rock it!). He hadn't said I love you yet, but he did sing the words "I was made for loving you" into my ear and later he told me that he wanted to tell me that night but chickened out. And then, like six months after we moved in together he finally told me I love you on Christmas Eve. We're weird. LOL

  5. Beautiful story! (And I still buy CD's 😶)

  6. cute story.


  7. That's so sweet! I remember burning CDs. Your hair style now is really cute BTW

  8. Your story is so sweet. And you look amazing. I love your top.

  9. Aww, what a cute story! And your HAIR. LOVE it! Behind on my reading so maybe you posted about it before, but gah! Gorgeous!

  10. I love this story. And your top... I think I need it :)

  11. That is such a sweet story! Obviously you two were meant to be! Love your blouse with the cute shoulder cut outs. I"d love to try that style too but haven't seen one in a shop yet. xo

  12. sweet story and even sweeter outfit! love this. and LOVE your hair.

  13. Cute story -- and love your hair! That cut looks fantastic on you.