Sunday, September 27, 2015

My Stitch Fix Box

I received my latest Fix on Friday and love it all. I'm having trouble deciding what to keep (all of it?). Help me decide what to keep from my latest Stitch Fix box!!! 

Skies are Blue Zatanna Contrast Back Knit Top

 Lysse Keeley Faux Leather Legging

 Fun2Fun Covelin Cut Out Back Blouse

 RD Style Novalli Split Back Tank

RD Style Tam Turtle Neck Knit Top

What do you think? Tell me what I should keep in the comments!
megan bird

Want to sign up for Stitch Fix? Use my link! (Full disclosure, I get a referral credit if you use it.) (Thanks if you do!)


  1. Cool idea for a business. Unfortunately I'm no help here because I like all of these. I can't choose!

  2. You should keep the first and last top.

  3. I love the faux leather legging & the top you paired with them. I also like the red top. Can't wait to see what you keep! :)

  4. LOVE. THOSE. LEGGINGS! And I swear you will use them more than you think.

  5. The leggings for sure - AMAZING! I love the tops too - so hard to say! But definitely the leggings!!

    I need another box stat. My dress code is going to be drastically different I think....more casual, which is ok, but eek! Need to overhaul my closet!

  6. I really like the leggings too. I think you should keep those for sure. My favorite is the red top. I could see you wearing the turtleneck a lot this winter and the grey top seems like you. Tough choices!

  7. Decisions, decisions! I love the red blouse--the color on you is so pretty and I love the cut-out back detail. I also really love that split back top--from the front it looks really cool and simple, but the back really makes it so much fun!

  8. The leggings and the red blouse FOR SURE, but all of it looks great on you!

  9. I adore the leggings and the red blouse.


  10. I actually really love all of this! I say yes especially to the white top in the first picture, the leggings, and the split back top! Cuuute!
    Sincerely, Sara

  11. Ah I'm a sucker for clothes because I love all of these. BUT if I had to choose I would say split top shirt and faux leather leggings! Those were my two faves! The leggings are good for fall into winter especially.

  12. I would keep the leggings and the first and last tops. They're all pretty cute though.

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