Tuesday, September 29, 2015

ch ch ch changes (sung like David Bowie)

Well, it's the year of change. We took the summer off and admittedly, it was a welcome break. There were a few things we feared from taking time off, but the main thing was losing touch with our friends, both real life and virtual. What we found was that we actually did not. Many of you we follow on Instagram, and/or Twitter, or are even our Facebook friends. Many of you we actually see in person (albeit not nearly enough). A few of you, we don't, and that makes us sad, but come on, join Instagram already!

When we started our blog, we never had any lofty goals for it. It was a fun way to show off our creative side and a weird way for us to take awkward photos of ourselves every day. It may even be fun to look at this blog 40 years from now and think how great we looked. No? What I am saying is that we never had any financial hopes for our blog. We certainly never wanted to grow it as a business or make a living out of it. Sure we wouldn't have said no to those things, but we didn't want to lose the integrity of what we were building by doing that. And by saying that, I am in no way saying that those who monetize their blog have no integrity, all I mean is that this blog for us was meant to be a true expression of who we are and what happens in our lives. We wanted to share silly stories of our lives, easy DIYs, and hardships that may not have always been easy to talk about. In doing so, we met so many friends and developed so many relationships literally across the world. And what we learned this summer is that those relationships lasted, even without daily contact. I suppose that's what true friendship is, right?

So, long story short, Nora and I are not willing to give up on this blog. We're not ready, nor will we ever be ready, to say goodbye to two birds. After all, two birds has given us so much. We became professional stylists and shoppers, consultants, runway and fashion show curators, writers, and yes, I believe this blog even lead me to my dream job. Plus we're sister and best friends, so no, we're not ready to give up on two birds.

What we are ready to give up on is the schedule. While we love posting, and we love reading your blogs, you may have noticed that we have not been able to be as present as we'd like to. I personally don't have a ton of time to comment every day, and for that I feel bad. I love your blogs and want to give them the attention they deserve, and I have been a bad blogger in that sense. So what we plan to do is this...if we have a great outfit, we'll post it. If we have a fab DIY or recipe we want to share, we'll post it. If we have a funny story about our kids, we may post it, but let's be honest, we'll probably just share it on Facebook. What we will for sure do is post all of these fab outfits, DIYs, recipes, and stories on Instagram, so feel free to follow along there if you're not already. If we're not following you, please leave your Instagram feed in the comments and we'll make sure to stay in touch that way.

In the meantime, there will be many days where we will pop up in your feed, but it just won't be every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Thanks for playing along with us these past few years, and we hope to continue the game for many more. Are you in?

megan and nora bird


  1. Well of course I'm in. Facebook you say? =D

  2. I missed this post the other day! And of course I'm in. I'll read whenever you post. You have seen I'm in the same boat, figuring out how blogging fits in with the changes in my life. I am not ready to give mine up yet either though. We'll figure it out together. Much love to you both, I'll be here reading whenever you do post and you know I'll follow you in the other places when you don't. XOXO

  3. Totes in. I get it. I'm just glad this wasn't a goodbye post! You girls do whatever you need to. I support Two Birds!

  4. I will support you both in whatever you do! I follow a lot of blogs, and yours is one of my favorites because you are truly authentic. When you do pop up in my feed, it will be like a little gift :-) I am off to follow you on FB (I don't know why I wasn't already).

  5. Alas, I'm not on any other social media. I just don't have the time for it and blogging is where I started and where I will stay BUT of course I will stick with you, whatever the schedule, you are some of my oldest blog friends! Xx

  6. i will keep supporting you girls


  7. I'm in :) love your Instagram feeds x

  8. everybody understands that life sometimes gets in the way, even if the posts aren't as regular they will still be as fabulous when they do appear! Ill be sticking with you!

    E x


  9. Beautifully said! I do cherish your blog for the reasons you stated. I love your creativity and writing, and style, both of you birds are special and this is a great place to visit. Blogging is so time consuming... I, too, am, not planning to monetize my blog, but do hope to get the word out about some local or independent businesses that are special, and some non profits, too, that are doing very good work.
    Like you, I think it is great that many bloggers make a living from this.
    Real Live vs. Virtual life---- Real life must win out!
    xx, elle

  10. Totally get it and totally understand. I heart you two and will continue stalking--I mean following--you on all social media platforms you are on. :)

  11. I'm in! Glad to hear you're still going to be around. I love your blog and really just love you guys, so just keep doing what you do whenever you can! You just have to do what works for you and what makes you happy--this is supposed to be fun, right?

  12. I hear you. It is time consuming. I'm on Instagram but quite frankly I kind of hate it. @suzannecarillo

    Maybe FB?

    Otherwise...I will see you back here when you can manage : )


  13. Of course! And we'll always have Instagram. All set.

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