Thursday, May 7, 2015

outfit of the day(bird): thoughts on evolving style

tank~ Urban Outfitters
skirt~ hand-me-down from little sister, Kristin
shoes~ Converse
necklace~ gift from Father-in-Law (he got it in China!)

Ally mentioned in Monday's comments that perhaps my style has gotten a bit bolder since I moved. Her comment really got me thinking about whether or not that was true. It's funny because all of the clothes that I have are the same clothes I had in Minnesota. I have't done much clothing shopping since I moved here. And I don't think I consciously decided that I was going to change my style or make bolder choices with my outfits or anything like that. The climate in California is obviously different than Minnesota, and that plays a huge roll in what I wear here versus what I wore there. But bolder? I'm not sure. I would definitely say I am experimenting more with what's in my closet. Part of that is because I have much less space than I had in my old house, so I am playing around more with what I already own rather than going shopping for something new that I have no room for and, frankly, really don't need. I am wearing things that I haven't worn in a while (or ever!) or didn't have to opportunity to wear in Minnesota. I also think it helps that I don't really know many people here and so I am not self conscious about what anyone is going to think about my outfit. No one knows that I am taking a personal fashion risk because no one knows what my personal style was or is. Except Jim, but I am used to him sometimes rolling his eyes at my outfits. So, I guess in that way, I am becoming a bit bolder. I'm in a new place with new people and a totally different lifestyle and it makes sense that I might sort of reinvent myself or just discover new parts of myself and new interests or a new style. But if my style seems bolder or different, it wasn't really intentional in any way. I am just sort of evolving and discovering and experimenting and having fun. I have always lived by the thought that you should wear what you love, no matter what anyone else says or does or thinks. Perhaps out here I am just living that a bit louder! I am not sure I even answered my own question or just rambled senselessly but, either way, thanks for reading!

Has your style changed and evolved over the years? Has a big life event ever changed the way you looked at your closet or styled an outfit?

xoxo, nora bird


  1. I do think you are looking very much the part of a "California girl" here : ) But I also think it is good and it suits you very well. Relaxed but chic.

    My style has been slowly changing over the past few years. A little less cutesy. And now sometimes when I see my neck or my arms I think,"Damn! You need to start covering that up!" But I haven't started yet. Heck I'm not even 50. That means I have to live another 30 years completely covered up? Forget it. If people don't like it they can look away.


  2. Nora, I so know what you mean. Since I moved to Ireland my style have changed and with blog I become even more adventures, but to be honest I always was adventures when it comes to clothes, style. I must admit I'm so envy your tan, oh, what a great weather your having! Love this casual and feminine combo.

  3. Nora, I hope my observation didn't discomfort you. It was intended as honest feedback; something to chew on. True, your actual clothes haven't changed but it seems the way you wear them has. With a little more elan, a little more splash. I believe it reflects your adapting to the new environment and all the things you mention.

    When we're in one place for a long time, we build a rut and live in it. When we displace ourselves, we consider new ways of being, new habits. And evolve a new style, truer to our current selves than the style we created years ago. It looks like you're engaged in this, which is a positive process.

    1. Ally, you've taught me a new word- Elan! I love it!

  4. My style has definitely changed... and I feel most like it's ''me'' now... only took 35 years to figure that out! ;) You look great!

  5. I have definitely gone through a style evolution over the last year and I attribute that to motherhood a bit, but also just learning about myself and getting more comfortable in my own skin (which I suppose motherhood helped with a bit). At any rate, I love your style, I always have and if you are finding yourself feeling bolder in Cali, than I think that is great!

  6. I would lobe to be bolder with my outfit choices so I think you are awesome! People where I work already look at me like I'm crazy and I dress pretty tamely, I think. Maybe I need a change of scenery too!

  7. You got to love shopping your own closet and find new thinks. My style changed a lot when I moved to Germany. Also feel like my style is also changing from month to month.

  8. Before I comment on style, can I just say your hair is looking lovely. No matter what hairstyle you have Nora, you always look so cute!
    Changing style- I would say I am a bit more eclectic and wear more things but then it's probably that I just have more clothes- I still favour many things I used to. x

  9. I think it makes total sense that your style would change a little after your move--you're now in a much warmer climate and a whole new area. I loved you MN style, but I'm loving your CA style too!!
    I feel like my style has evolved as I've gotten older. In some ways I feel like I've refined my style quite a bit, while in other ways I feel like I'm still trying to figure it out. I love having a blog though and seeing how it changes!

  10. I have definitely noticed a slight change in your style but I automatically attributed it to all the reasons you mention here--climate, moving (moving closets always reminds me of how many clothes I have and how much more I need to wear ALL of them) and new lifestyle. Either way, your style was great before and it is great now! I look forward to all of your Cali-style!

  11. I find my style is more apparent in the summer - or rather when the sun is shining.
    I think my style has evolved as I have been experimenting more with different styles, textures and patterns, in the process I have learned what (I think) suits me. I don't always get it right but I feel more comfortable and confident as time goes on.

  12. I think you have always had a california type ease with your style, and it is showing up now because the weather permits. But our cities do influence our choices, as does our age and mood . Like you I am getting bolder, or less afraid of style choices, It is a great thing .
    I Love what you are wearing, how pretty and comfy you seem in your skin!
    xx, Elle

  13. I think part of it is that your clothing style matches your environment more now? You've always had a cool, 60's-70's thing going on and I think that meshes well with California (and the weather!) I think you look amazing. I feel like I refined my style better after my move to Alaska, I think getting rid of a lot of stuff helped me see what stuff I really reach for and like.