Wednesday, May 13, 2015

outfit of the day(bird): the incredible, edible egg

jacket ~ Stitch Fix
jeans ~ Ross
shirt ~ Marshalls
hat ~ TJ Maxx
shoes ~ thrifted
sunglasses, necklace ~ Francesca's
A few weeks ago, I taught the kids how to make eggs in the microwave. You would have thought I'd taught them the meaning of life by how excited they were about it. The mix of being able to do this grown-up thing on their own and making something delicious was out of this world to them. Now they make eggs daily, adding hot sauce and different spices to their pleasing.
Of course when I make eggs for them, they eat them begrudginly because after all, it's just a boring egg; but when they make them themselves, they are the best things in the world.
Give the kids an egg, they'll eat for a day. Teach the kids to microwave an egg and you will feed them for a lifetime.
We're teaching valuable lessons on this blog here.
megan bird


  1. You both always have such good mom stories. I laughed a little bit at your last few lines. You look great in that hat. Did you cut your hair? Did I miss that?

  2. The joys of doing something by yourself for the first time. Before it becomes boring and a chore. I miss those days. (sigh)


  3. I have to remember this when I'll have a kids.
    Megan you look gorgeous in this casual, boho chic look. T-shirt is such a pretty pop of color.

  4. Ha! It's true - the most mundane tasks become so much more interesting to my kids when I have them do them instead of me. Except cleaning their rooms. For some reason, they never think that one is fun!

  5. Yes, we all are -- I didn't know you could microwave an egg!

  6. Haha, the more you know! But seriously, that's awesome. I remember being that age though and thinking food always tasted better if I made it myself. I wish I still felt that way, lol.

    LOVE this look on you, super cute!

  7. Very chic outfit. Got to love what kids the little things that make kids happy.

  8. "Give the kids an egg, they'll eat for a day. Teach the kids to microwave an egg and you will feed them for a lifetime"--LMAO! So true. The same thing happened to me when I showed my kids the ease of a quesadilla or a cinnamon sugar tortilla. Genius! I will have to try this one next. Thanks for the tip!

  9. Ha, good proverb!!! I'm surprised by the huge quantity of adults who didn't know you could microwave an egg. I did it school last week and was the source of fascination for many teachers and staff!!!
    Ooooh, why can I suddenly see your pictures on my phone? I couldn't before. X

  10. You look adorable (that hat is TDF!)! Isn't the microwave great? :) T.

  11. I wish I still felt food was better and more delicious when I had to make it myself. Ah the joys of being a kid.

  12. When looking at these photos of you, you look so happy and carefree, if only more of us could be like this.

    I love the name of your blog, seeing my wife and I have two birds.

  13. Yes, you are, valuable and fun to listen to too.
    Love your outfit, the card is gorgeous and you look great in that color combo.
    XX, Elle

  14. Love the outfit, love the hair, think you are great. I am resigned to short comments right now but still sending love. xoxo