Monday, May 11, 2015

inspiration monday: one word

the inspiration
megan bird

jeans ~ Target
shirt, blazer, shoes ~ thrifted
necklace ~ Francesca's

nora bird

jacket~ Forever 21
shirt and shoes~ thrifted
jeans~ Levis
necklace~ gift from in-laws

If people were to describe you in one word, what word do you think it would be?
And now, what word would you want it to be?
Are they the same word?
Here's mine:
What would it be? Fun
What would I want it to be? Empathetic
Your turn...
megan bird
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  1. Gosh... That's one I have to ponder... Loving the outfits, though. Megan, that blazer is TDF! And, Nora, loving the stripes! Thanks for hosting this link up. xo T.

  2. You're so right about yourself. On the outside, you have an obviously playful attitude; inside, you possess a deep well of empathy.

    Me? Serious. Sensitive.

  3. I love both of your fun, funky looks so much! Megan--this is SPOT ON!!! Nora, those shoes...all the hearts.
    Hard question!! I think people would say I'm "nice". I don't know what I'd want people to say...that I'm hard-working maybe? I'll think on that...

  4. Great questions! Hmm - I think people would say I'm generous, and I would want them to say that I'm kind. That's a hard one!

  5. Oh jeez! I guess I would say people would say I'm responsible and I would want people to say that I am kind. Is that boiler plate? Dammit. I suck at this. I do love the varsity jacket and heels and those fun yellow oxfords and the floral blazer!

  6. Gosh, Megan that's hard question. Hmmm.. I don't know. I guess.. People would say kind or I would like them to say that. It's really hard. Will think about this.
    Ladies love your inspirations and the looks what you styled. So gorgeous. Laid back and yet put together. Just how I like.

  7. Hmmm...I think people would say I'm creative. Personally I'm okay with creative. Maybe I'd choose talented, but that is always in the eye of the beholder.

    I adore that first look! Especially those yellow shoes with the floral blazer. Brilliant!


  8. Megan you nailed this outfit. Nora loving your shoe. I hope you both have a great week.

  9. that floral blazer!!! i love it and have been wanting one! what a great find!

  10. Most people say 'Sweet' though I think many THINK dappy, clumsy, eccentric! I like eccentric- I've always liked being called eccentric which a conductor called me when ! was 14!x

  11. And Megan, seriously you nailed this one! Nora, amaaaaaaaaaaaazing shoes!x

  12. Great inspiration! Love the floral blazer.

    - Audrey

  13. You both look like spring! I may need to start linking up for this, you two make my Mondays so much better :)

  14. I would probably get crazy and Im ok with that, it's a shame that people cant see my caring side as well though. Great work on your looks girls, I love both of them.

  15. Wow that is so hard to answer! I think people would say "kind" and I'm ok with that. At least I hope that's what they'd say!

    Love both of these looks, I wanted to do this week's look and just didn't have enough time. Saving it for later!

  16. Humm, this IS hard. I would say, REAL. I would want them to say Thoughtful. :-) and you guys look so cute! Fantastic! xo Tammy