Monday, May 4, 2015

inspiration monday: love*birds

the inspiration

megan bird

entire outfit ~ thrifted

nora bird

shirt ~ Old Navy
pants ~ Free People
shoes ~ Target
Things I am loving today:

~ We got our vegetable garden planted yesterday. The kids did most of it, which made me proud. I love being able to send them outside to pick the salad for dinner.
~ We also got most of the yard work done yesterday. Chris mulched, the kids cleaned up all the leftover leaves from last year, and I planted annuals and cleaned up the patio. Bring on Friday night patio happy hours.
~ Henry auditioned for choir next year. I can't wait!
~ We're having a garage sale this weekend and I actually cleaned out our basement. We plan on turning the basement family room into a super cool mid century lounge. Step one was cleaning, so now I can start furniture shopping!
~ We bought a tree swing and installed it this weekend. Watching the kids play on it was the highlight of my weekend.
~ I've met some really great blogging friends lately, and have been super excited to hang out with them and get to know them. What a wonderful community we all have, right?

What are you loving today?
megan bird

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  1. Hey that's cool about Henry AND the tree swing plus the basement!! Eeek, better get my salad started x

  2. Yay for the gardening! My veggie seeds are in the ground. I water and talk to them every day.

    It looks like Nora's style is getting a little bolder. I wondered if living in CA was going to change her. Maybe it will.

  3. I saw your fun pics from the brewery get together - yay for new friends! I wish I could make the sale this weekend. I have a 3:30 am wake up call for my girls' dance competition - eep!!

  4. These are all such awesome things--I hope I get it together enough to have a garden one of these days. Who am I kidding...I hope I can convince my HUSBAND to plant the garden! My thumb is black. The tree swing sounds like so much fun :) Good luck with the garage sale too!
    Oh, love both of these looks--the floral pants and skirt are so cute!

  5. Friday night patio nights sound pretty awesome to me! And I love that Henry auditioned for choir too! That is awesome! And of course I love hanging out with blog friends :) Excited for the sale this weekend too!

    And Miss Nora - those pants are AMAZING. Miss you pretty lady!

  6. This sounds like an amazing weekend! I cannot wait to get our garden up and going. My husband is out almost everyday working on the yard and my mother in law is a gardening genius (I kill plants . . . but I really try not to!). I can't wait to pick our own yummy veggies! You both nailed the look, obvi. ;-)

  7. Megan Glad you had a nice weekend and got a lot of stuff done. Nora I so want your pants.

  8. You've been busy! I don't know if I could list even one interesting thing I've been up to lately LOL. Loving the florals. This is one of my favorite things about dressing for spring.

  9. you girls are just so cute! and i can't wait to see your basement - i'm sure it will be awesome!

  10. Today, I'm loving the fact that it's Tuesday as yesterday was Monday in every sense of the word. :0 I didn't have a floral skirt or pants (need one), but I went with anchors. :) I'd love to have a word shirt, too. Time to shop. LOL! Great style renditions (as always). Thanks for hosting this link up! T.

  11. All fun fulfilling experiences.

    I can't wait to see the new basement.

    I'm loving that we finally have nice weather!


  12. Way to wear the graphic tees ladies! Love the skirt and flared florals!
    Kudos to the thrifting too!
    Yay, to cleaning out the basement!
    Happy spring, you both look glorious!
    xx, Elle

  13. I love our little community. :) I want to attend a patio party & I can't wait to see your finished basement, Megan. And Nora--LOVE those pants!