Sunday, May 17, 2015

inspiration monday: cloak of invisibility

the inspiration
Kate Hudson
megan bird
jeans ~ Marshalls
necklace ~ Tess + Tricia, gift from nora
shoes, jacket, tank ~ thrifted
nora bird
shirt ~ H&M
tank ~ Marshalls
jeans ~ Limited
shoes ~ thrifted
necklace ~ gift from mother-in-law
Chris and I went to see Willie Nelson at one of the local casinos on Saturday night. After the show, we went to one of the many bars in the casino and relaxed for a while. The bartender was pretty nice and attentive for our first drink. And while we were certainly in no hurry to continue drinking, it was pretty amazing how downhill the service went from there. He was offering Chris more drinks, but whenever I finished a drink, he would pay me no attention.
So after a while, Chris and I made a game of it to see how often he would pass me without asking if I needed anything.
At one point, he literally stood right on front of me, and I KID YOU NOT, twiddled his thumbs while my empty beer bottle sat right in front of him.
And when he finally did ask me if I needed another drink, all he said was, "Ma'am?"
Luckily Chris and I were really enjoying each other's company, and were happy to make a game of the bad bartender. And because of the bad service, I woke up on Sunday feeling fresh and rested! So thank you bad bartender!
How was your weekend?
megan bird
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  1. I hope his tip was reflective of his service. :) Loving the ensembles! Megan, those shoes and Nora, those khaki jeans--fabulous! Thanks for hosting this link up and for the great inspiration! T.

  2. Love your interpretations of this look; Nora, I'm seriously lusting after your shoes! Meghan, if I could wear heels I'd be after yours as well, lol.

  3. That's funny. :) I took Avery there last year for a show, and she thought Mystic was such a strange place - she asked me why so many old women were sitting around playing video games. And she wanted to know what the suitcases were that they were dragging around (they were oxygen tanks - lovely).

  4. Oh rude that he totally ignored you! Joke's on him though--he probably didn't get a great tip AND you didn't spend as much. Not to mention you feel better :) Love both of these looks--the pops of color really balance out your neutrals perfectly!

  5. That's one way to look at it! So nice that you could laugh at the situation, I wonder what he was trying to achieve...?
    You both nailed this look x

  6. Not cool. Mind you, you could have used your invisibility to your advantage and just gone in an helped yourself! LOL It is like a superpower.


  7. We've all encountered this at times. We need to understand that, as annoying and painful as it might feel to be overlooked, the experience happens because of the psyche of the person ignoring us and has nothing to do with who we are. They are merely displaying their flaws.

    If you'll permit me to wander onto another subject... before reading your anecdote, I was just looking at (okay... admiring) your pictures and thinking how much I respect the confidence you project. It's very attractive. Where did you get your deep sense of confidence? Have you always had it or was it something you acquired at some point in your life?

  8. Oh that is kind of funny - I am glad you made the most of it though! We had a similar situation happen once but hadn't even been served yet, so we just walked out of the restaurant!

    I love both of your looks today - possibly even more than the model today I think! Very cute!

  9. As a former service employee I am both equally sympathetic with servers but also get SO IRRITATED when things like this happen. Because I know that there are times when you are swamped and get frustrated or bogged down but that is so ridiculous! At least you guys were able to make good use of the bad experience though! And I am so jealous that you got to see Willie Nelson!

  10. I woke up Sunday wishing I had had a bad bartender...... :)

  11. I've been ignored on several occasions. Rotten scoundrel!x

  12. That's a way to look at it from the positive side. Sometimes I feel like they won't let you get half way done before they're trying to get you another. I guess you can't win :-) Cute outfits today!

  13. I'm daydreaming of shoes weather and bare legs. Its been damn cold here in Ireland. Love both of your looks ladies, Adding pop of color is always great idea.


  14. Bad bartenders is a pet peeve of mine! Cool you got to see Willie, though. Like both looks - may have to pull that together myself this week.

  15. i hate bad service. if customer service oriented employees dislike what they do, they need to get out of the business. love the interpretations here!

  16. Great inspiration and two great looks, sisters. Megan, loving the new cropped hair. The bob suits you. =)


  17. oh you guys are funny. why do people act that way? man, glad you could make a game out of it. lol

    Both of your shoes are screaming my name!!!!!!!!