Wednesday, May 6, 2015

bird.i.y.: homemade "thieves" oil

My kids have seasonal allergies. Nothing too horrible, but there are always plenty of sneezes and puffy eyes to fill our house every Spring. I am not one who objects to modern medicine, and I do indeed give Henry medicine daily before he goes to school. Eva was also diagnosed with asthma at a young age, and this is her first year that we have stopped giving her a daily steroid treatment. (Keep your fingers crossed that we don't need to start again.) So, while I am clearly not opposed to western medicine, I am also a huge fan of alternative treatments. I am a big believer in holistic care, including acupuncture, oils, healthy eating, and exercise. I mean, when are massages going to be covered by insurance? amiright?
I kept hearing about the "name brand" oils that everyone is trying to sell. I wanted to try them out, but I also didn't want to pay $45 for something I knew I could make myself. So I made it myself. And you can, too. Here's what you'll need.
~ 4 tsp Clove Oil
~ 3 tsp Lemon Oil
~ 2 tsp Cinnamon Bark Oil
~ 1.5 tsp Eucalyptus Oil
~ 1 tsp Rosemary Oil
~ 1 dark colored glass bottle to store the mix

I use 100% therapeutic grade oil. Even though there is no government body that regulates essential oils, I read labels carefully, and study up on companies before buying oils that I will be using therapeutically. (Here's a great article for tips on how to buy oils.) While I rarely ingest oils, I do diffuse them every day, and rub them on mine and my kids' skin, so I want to make sure it is actually doing what its' supposed to be doing, and not just making them smell yummy (although that's a nice side effect).
OK, soap box rant over. Now you just need to mix the oils in a non-reactive container and store in a dark glass bottle.
The benefits of this particular mix of oils is said to be many. It is supposed to boost the immune system and improve  respiratory health. It can be rubbed directly onto sore muscles, cuts, and bug bites to alleviate minor aches and pains. It can be used to clean (laundry, dishes, floors), or to simply make your home smell like Christmastime.
Personally, I rub it on my kids' feet at night (their very dirty, played barefoot outside all day feet) before bedtime, and they sleep like babies. I also use a cold air diffuser in our upper level at night, and add a few drops of the mix into the diffuser. We have not used it long enough for me to tell you if Henry needs to stop taking allergy medication, and to be honest, I'm not banking on it, but there are so many health benefits to essential oils, that I will keep using them regardless.

Do you use essential oils?
megan bird


  1. i do, and i'll refrain from a rant about a lot of misinformation from some of those that sell the oils. ok, i'll divulge a little: i would never suggest something unless i tried it out myself and knew it worked (on me or others), is essentially the rant. it drives me crazy when some people suggest rubbling certain oils onto the skin without diluting. i can tell they are just reading from a book or pamphlet they were given and have never tried it out.

    BUT! That has nothing to do with this post, hehe. I can tell you are thorough in your research and I love the thieves oil mix. having allergies is no fun, so i love what you are doing to help those sweet babies! i need to whip up a batch, thanks!

  2. For the most part, I only use one.... lavender essential oil for migraine. After I've finished the organic gardening course I intend to look into a course on essential oils.

  3. I'd love to see alternative therapies offered instead of immediately being offered drugs. I had really bad sinusitis for years, doctors gave me nasal spray and allergy tablets but it didn't solve the problem, only masked it. I tried acupuncture and haven't looked back. After the first session I knew I'd found the cure. These days I have very few problems with my sinus' if I did I wouldn't dream of going back to the doctors. And don't get me started on medicating depression and not offering talking therapies!
    Anyway, you sound like you've got a good balance here. I don't use oils myself but it's something I've often wondered about.

  4. I have been so curious about the oil trend but like you, didn't want to spend that much money on them - I love that you made your own, that's something I could be on board with! We have the seasonal allergies at our house too, so this seems like something that might be beneficial for us!

  5. That is so cool that you made your own thieves! I have been wanting to try that, but like you, not shell out all of the money. I will have to try this!

  6. This is interesting. I don't use any oils. I do wonder now though if that might help my allergies.


  7. I had never heard of essential oils and all these uses for them until I entered the blogging world. Due to that I've been incredibly hesitant to spend the price tag involved. I like the idea of trying it out by diy!

  8. Every time Jacob and I got a cold over the winter and couldn't take anything for it I thought about looking into essential oils!

  9. I think it is awesome that you make your own oil blends and I'm impressed with your thorough research. To be honest, I'm totally intrigued by the whole idea but SO SO overwhelmed by it all. I feel like I have no idea what I would do to get started and also I'm 100% sure that I don't have a lot of money to throw at them either. So if there's a cheap and easy (yet effective of course) way to get on board, I'm there! :)

  10. I do not use, them but I am going to start.
    I am so glad you are trying these , I have been on steroids for 7 years, and it is not good for a body.
    There is so much more to healing than western medicine.
    I know I am have this before,
    but can you adopt me? :)
    What an amazing mom you are. I love those photos!
    xx, Elle