Thursday, April 2, 2015

outfit of the day(bird): the value of a dollar is lost on some

jeans ~ Target
shoes, shirt ~ thrifted
sunglasses ~ Francesca's
Last weekend, we took our kids to the local hobby shop. Every now and then when they are being particularly good, we will reward them with a little toy from the shop. Chris threw out the number 13 when we arrived, and they both knew they had that much money to spend.
They searched the store for a while. A long while. It's rather hard to find good items (to a kid) for $13. And of course, they don't just want one thing, they each wanted to find as many pieces of junk fun items for $13 that they possibly could.
I watched them grabbing little plastic toys, bouncy balls, lip glosses, and Chinese finger traps, and I knew that within a matter of days, these toys would be forgotten, and in a matter of months, I would probably end up tossing them in the donation bag, or worse, the garbage. So I made my kids an offer.
There was an item that I had wanted to get them both for a while now. It's sort of a skateboard with no wheels that you can practice your jumps and spins (and work your core power), all while not having to worry about skating down a hill at 60 MPH. (Yes, I know skateboards don't go that fast, but in my head they would.) It was $50.
So I said to the kids, "if you both put everything in your hands away, we will buy you this instead. You were each given $13 to spend, and this is $50, so you can do the math on what kind of a deal that is."
And they said no.
And I said are you sure?
And they said, how about you buy us that and we also get to buy one more thing?
And I said no.
And they tested the skateboard thing and said no again.
And I said, come on, think about it.
And they said yes.
So we spent more money than we had planned, but really, I would rather spend $24 more than have 500 more pieces of plastic junk in my house.
megan bird


  1. i love your top! flowy and perfect for spring and summer. i hope they like the skateboard thing!

  2. LOL Glad the kids finally came around.

    The outfit is super cute. Especially the jeans.


  3. Nice blouse. Way to go with the psychological negotiations. I love how kids think.

  4. A good lesson about quality over quantity!

    That blouse (okay, the whole outfit, but loooove the blouse) looks GREAT on you!

  5. Yes exactly!!! PlAstic junk is a nightmare!!!x

  6. Way to go on convincing them! That is the one thing I dread about when Ollie gets older - all the plastic, worthless junk we'll end up with. I hope they enjoy that skateboard!

    And I loved this outfit on Saturday, I'm so glad you bought that shirt!

  7. Such a cute outfit! I love this white blouse :) Hope your week is going well!

    Rachel's Lookbook

  8. I think I kind of want that skateboard thing!!

  9. Great blouse!! It's one of those pieces that you could put on a little girl as a dress <3 love pieces like that!

  10. That story is too cute. I love that you were able to convince them to get the big toy... as a side note... I REALLY hate all of that "little junk" laying around the house. Like, really hate it.

  11. Amen sister! I've done similar things with my kids. The dollar store can be such a blessing! But also a curse. So. Much. Plastic. Happy birthday to your little man today!

  12. I seriously wish you had been my mother. You're so smart.

  13. oh Megan! Is your top considered a "baby-doll" top? That's what we called it in my day. {ask your mom, lol} You are so great at being so fun with your kids, fun and tough and teaching and fun and tough. lol
    ♥ I used to get discouraged with the little plastic junk toys, too. Now my daughters are dealing with that junk. lol

    1. dang, I'm not at simple sequins.
      I'm at:


  14. I think that is the BEST idea, and that's awesome that they went for it! I really want to try to control the amount of stuff we have, especially toy/kid accumulates so fast. So I'm all for spending more on fewer things that will last longer and kids will enjoy more. (Although right now, Jona has had the most fun with a plastic cup that I'm pretty sure was in the random bag of free stuff I took home from the hospital after his birth, so what do I know?)

  15. now i want to see what the toy is. i can't picture it. i do picture me in that very pretty it looks wonderful on you lovely blouse.

  16. I think this was a great move as a mother! We all (but kids in particular) get handed so much cheap worthless stuff that just like you said gets forgotten and thrown away 99% of the time. It feels like such a waste of money. You may have had to spend a bit more now, but your money will go quite a bit farther in use and that's definitely a worthy accomplishments. Sometimes it's all the banter of sale and convincing them of how great it is and they're secretly winning over mom.

  17. Well done! Your kids did get a valuable lesson about what is valuable, and what is a short term toy that will soon be tossed. You did good.
    Loved the negotiations, too.
    Adore your outfit, love the jeans, and thrifted blouse, it looks like it would cost an ordinary mortal mega bucks.
    Kudos to you for all of this!
    xx, Elle

  18. Haha i love that you were able to finally convince them! That flowy blouse is such a great thrifted find!