Monday, April 20, 2015

outfit of the day(bird): Raymond

 jeans ~ Opitz
tank ~ Marshall's
shoes ~ thrifted
necklace ~ Francesca's

My husband has a personality such that pretty much everyone wants to be friends with him. We make fun of
him and call him Raymond, because you know, everybody loves him. He is just a welcoming person in general, and people definitely feel comfortable around him.
He took the Scamp out for its inaugural trip last weekend to catch a show a few hours away. He was meeting people there, but they had a hotel, so he was camping alone. But, when he got home, he told me that one of the musicians ended up sleeping on the bunk bed in the Scamp. And when Chris woke up, the man was gone, but had left two of his CDs and a note that read, "Thanks, buddy, keep in touch." with his email address and phone number.
So now I can say that our Scamp has housed a famous person, and that maybe, just maybe, my husband is a groupie.
But, everyone loves Chris!
megan bird


  1. that's so cool! and every time i see a scamp i think of y'all!

  2. Who was the musician??? TEXT ME.

  3. Fun times! Ha ha, I love Kimi's comment.
    You look so cute and easy breezy. What a fun top and the shoes look like they will carry you all day in style of course.

  4. Ha - awesome! Now I'm curious to know which show he went to!!

    1. Chris told me the only way I could write about this publicly is if I didn't say who it was! Unfortunately...

  5. No way! I want to know who it was too - so you'll have to dish all about it at dinner tomorrow offline! :) I love your Scamp, you'll have to add a sign that says "so and so slept here!"

    And I love that top, you looked cute as always on Sunday! :)

  6. What a story! Right out of a road trip/Almost Famous movie : )


  7. LOL That is awesome! Way to go Chris! I am now sure that if we ever happened to meet up our husbands would become friends. Patrick is the same way. It is great too because I am typically really shy around new people so it is nice to be with someone who can do the ice breaker thing. LOL

  8. Nooooooo, you have to tell us!!

  9. my husband is a Chris too and everyone loves him! he's so happy and friendly and is a total people person! and i LOVE that tank top!

  10. My husband is the same! Everybody loves him. Unfortunately I have resting bitchface syndrome so I don't get that same feedback from people... ;)

  11. That was nice of your husband to let him stay.

  12. Oh that's nice of Chris. And so ...trusting. I am a scaredy-cat when it comes to strangers or 'somewhat' associates to later become friends. I need to get over it, huh? { that's why everyone in my family is in code on my blog } lol

    Loving your wedges, Megan!

    renae's repertoire


  13. Ah, Chris sounds lovely! And HOW on earth did that happen!?!?!?x

  14. Such a good characteristic to have!! :)

  15. That's pretty awesome I think!! If he becomes famous maybe he'll remember your husband! :) I love the print and flowy shape of that top, it's so pretty!

  16. My hubby is the same way--folks love him! I adore your ensemble. That tank is TDF! T.

  17. Haha! Love it! This is something that would happen to my boyfriend, he makes new friends every where we go. It's really hard to have a nice little date night alone when your man is really on a date with the whole venue haha


  18. this spring outfit makes me so happy! time to shed the jackets and some some skin :) (well, as long as it doesn't snow/hail again...)

  19. Everytime I hear Raymond I think of the french bug from The Princess and the frog.

  20. wow...very cool, chris! definitely one for the books!