Thursday, April 23, 2015

outfit of the day(bird): probably not blog-worthy

tunic and sneakers~ b. (a resale shop)
jeans~ Limited
necklace~ Etsy, gift from Jim
bandeau~ Urban Outfitters

I wasn't going to share these pictures. It's a pretty boring and not-so-blog-worthy outfit. I literally wore this around the house on Sunday while I was cleaning up for a little get-together we had that afternoon. Plus, it was so sunny and the colors and editing are a bit off. As I was editing them, I said to Jim, "Yeah, we are going to have to retake my outfit photos. These just aren't any good." And then I got unexpectedly sick for the last couple of days. Or just sick, I guess. No one really gets sick expectedly, do they? And I have been wearing comfy pants and no makeup and have barely even brushed my teeth (super hot, I know), so I figured this outfit was way better than sharing any of that. I mean, I guess I did just share that. But you definitely don't need a visual. So, there you go! That is how I came to share a possibly not blog-worthy outfit on the blog!

In other news, Mimi turned 5 on Tuesday. 5!!! I have a 5-year old. I've been a mom for five years. I don't know why but, for some reason, a 5-year old seems so much bigger to me than 4-year old. I have been strangely emotional about the whole thing. But she thinks it's pretty cool to be 5, which it certainly is, and I am happy about that.

I hope you're all having a great week! 
xoxo, nora bird


  1. Not blogworthy? Pfffffffttttt! It's a casual, comfortable, colourful classic! I'm not doing lunch every day, or going out to dinner every night. I am at home every day, and searching for ways to perk up my stay at home wardrobe, and this fits the bill perfectly!
    Happy Birthday to Mimi, 5 is a big deal! Hope you're feeling better. =)

  2. One woman's "Oh, it's not blog-worthy, just something I threw together" is another woman's dream-outfit. If I looked half as pretty as you do here, I'd post these pictures with pride. Appreciate the gifts you possess!

  3. totally blogworthy - I love neons and neutrals together.
    I hope you're feeling better.
    I know what you mean about 5 feeling a lot bigger than 4, my nephew is 5 now and he just seems so much more grown up, he seems so different to a year ago.

  4. I think it's a winner - totally blog worthy! And happy belated birthday to Mimi - she's got the best date in the world for her day of birth. ;)

  5. I think it's blog worthy! I love the color and I love the necklace!! And happy birthday to Mimi - I think five is a big deal, I'm pretty sure I'll be a mess when Ollie turns five!

  6. Blogworthy...such a weird concept right? Think about saying that 10 years ago! LOL

    My eyes went straight to your shoes. LOVE!

    Hope you are feeling better now.


  7. That shirt is gorgeous and fun! Definitely blog worthy! !

  8. That pink looks good on you! Oh and my husband and I said when they turned 5, it felt like they were really human! LOL! Sounds ridiculous but it seemed more real then. My oldest is 5x2...I couldn't believe it when she turned it and I still can't believe can they get older and we don't??? Hahaha

  9. Cute outfit! And happy belated birthday to Mimi! Hope you're feeling better!

  10. you can never go wrong with a simple outfit. If you outfit not blogworthy. Then none of my current ones have been. You just have to blog what outfits that make you happy. I hope you feel better soon.

  11. Sure hope you, Nora are feeling better soon. Don't cha just hate that?
    I have a theory. We, as people at large, tend to get sick (pick up a virus) during a major change; school, moving, new home, new area, new job or the like. Case in point, my dd needed to get a retail job and work at night while her husb took some day classes along with his full time JOB. Two weeks into it, ya she has a horrid head cold now. It is just the necessary acclimating to the new place, schedule, weather and
    ...btw, I love this ensemble on you. You have the right body for it. Me, nah ...not so much. I'm glad you posted it.

    Hugs to you two for your ever sweet presence to my comment section and devotion to my ideas.
    Yay to YOU GUYS ~ ♥ ~

    renae's repertoire

  12. 5 IS a big birthday for some reason. I think they seem so much more "kid" than 4 when they are still kind of a baby. I am glad that you are feeling better! I think the top is really cute and therefore totally blog worthy! And I never edit my photos--I have no idea how--so these look good to me!

  13. au contraire..
    This look rocks. Love the open back and vivid pink! This is what you wear to tidy up the house? Wow!
    Congrats on the big birthday, 5 does sound older....
    xx, Elle

  14. Sure hope you are feeling better, Nora! Adorable pics featuring a fave hue of mine. :) Happy birthday to Mimi! T.

  15. You look so fabulous girl! I find that we are way too critical of ourselves for no gosh darn reason. And happy, happy birthday to dear Mimi. I feel the same way about my little, itty, bitty boy that turned 13 last month. Where does the time go? No, really. Where does it go?

  16. Aww, yay for having a 5 year old--happy birthday Mimi! I'm glad you shared this real life look, I like it! Especially that bright pink, it's so pretty on you! I hope you feel better!!

  17. Casual, comfy, but still adorable? That's TOTALLY blogworthy! I love this outfit for those around the house and errand days.

  18. I hate the feeling of fighting over whether an outfit is blog-worthy! It's such a weird thing to obsess over. Even if you think your outfit is boring, at least your writing gets people talking!


  19. I think this look is awesome. Very blog-worthy. :) And a 5yo--yeah, I have that happening next month. My husband & I were just talking about that. 5 years is a significant amount of time. A big marker. It's crazy. :)