Thursday, April 16, 2015

outfit of the day(bird): No I Wants

jeans ~ swap
tank ~ Marshalls
shoes ~ Target
sunglasses ~ Francesca's
belt ~ thrifted
The other day, the kids and I were in line to return some impulse purchases from the day before. (Yes, that happens.) There was a mom in front of us with three sons. They didn't seem like particularly mean kids, or even ill-behaved kids at all. In fact, they were pretty good. But the mom was having a bad day. And we all know that happens. Everyone has bad days. And sometimes moms take those bad days out on their kids. I know I'm guilty.
And I know I shouldn't laugh, but when this woman was as vocal as she was, she has to know that people can hear her. And when she inadvertently says something funny (I never would have laughed to her face...not with the day she was having), she just has to know that maybe people will talk about her later. Or blog....same/same, right?
So the back story is that her son was buying a pair of sunglasses with his own money. The glasses were $4.99 and he had $5. He was maybe 8, and not well versed in the ways of sales tax, as most 8-year olds are not. So when the total came to $5.38, the kid was perplexed, and out of luck because he literally only had $5. He looked at his mom with his big doe eyes, and she started digging through her purse, yelling at him the whole time.
At this point, I am also frantically digging through my purse for $.37 because I felt for this kid. And I felt for the mom. It just wasn't a good day for anyone. But the mom beat me to it, and as she handed him the money, she turned to all of her kids and yelled,
"I don't want any of you talking to me for the rest of the day. No 'I wants'. No 'Can Is'. No 'I needs'" And then they were out the door.
When we got to our car, Henry said to me, "mama, why was that woman so mean to her kids?" and I said, "All moms have bad days, I am sure I have been mean to you like that before." And Henry said to me, "Mama, I have never thought you were mean."
And I will remember that forever. Because I have been, and will be again, where that woman was that day, yet he still doesn't think I'm mean. Or he was just scared of the wrath of moms.
megan bird


  1. I always feel for mothers when I see or hear this happening. You are right...we all have bad days.

    Cute top!


  2. Cheer up buttercup! Those are some fun fun fun wedges and I love the muscle tee and what it says!

    Have a great weekend! Ada. =)

  3. We do all have bad days - but how awesome that even though you're sure you've been there, Henry doesn't think so. He's a good kid! I hope that mom's day got better.

    LOVE the shoes.

  4. Damn. That sucks. If it were really a problem, she should have told him that the glasses had to be taxed (KY's is .6%) and what the total would be INCLUDING tax. You're a great Mom. Even though you may get to that point sometimes, I know you would have explained about math and sales tax.

  5. Aw Henry! What a sweetie! I am sure that we moms all think/know we've had those days before. But hopefully we make up for it with fun times and good memories. I am sure that you do!

  6. Oh man! I always make sure no one can hear my "mean" mom talk. I literally whisper the mean rants to them while I am still smiling. What does that say about me? ha ha. Love the cute leopard wedges!

  7. I LOVE this! Such a cute shirt :)

  8. gosh. this story. I think I will relate to this more soon enough myself (first-time-momma-to-be) but thanks for sharing. I'm sure this momma really needed some time for herself at the end of the day. and hopefully, her kids know she was also having a bad day, too!

  9. Oh poor kiddos - and poor mama. Yes, we've all been there. I'm not sure I've ever told mine not to talk to me for the rest of the day, but we have had car rides where talking was banned for a bit. :)

  10. Well, that is sweet that he said that! I can understand Mum frustrations!x

  11. You look so cute and ready for Spring! I think I am having one of those days today!

  12. Loving your fab spring look, Megan! And, I remember a similar conversation with my own son in Target about 15 years ago. It still touches me to think my son felt that same way! :) T.

  13. Aww how sweet of your son. That's definitely one of those mom moments to appreciate. I also am so glad I am not the only one who has to return far too many impulse purchases once I've thought about them.

  14. Awww, that's so cute! What a nice thing for Henry to say! All mom's have their bad days. I'm sure I will when I'm a mom. Sometimes you just lose it, mom or not! Love your shirt by the way!

  15. beautifully put, and yes I can relate! Any mom will have days like this, and I know i can not judge a phrase out of the context of a would be calmer if days like this just wouldn't exist, but such is life.
    That is so sweet of Henry. kudos to you both!
    Love your look, esp. the tee!
    xx, Elle

  16. Too funny...we're all guilty of that for sure--I think I needed to read this. I had a long stressful day at work and was getting so impatient with Jona for making such a mess at dinner (touching his hair with his food-covered hands, putting his bib on his head, taking the peas off his plate and putting them on the table, etc.) and I need to remember that really, it's no big deal :) We all have those days, but how sweet of your kids to say that you're never mean. Good job mama!