Tuesday, April 28, 2015

outfit of the day(bird): love bird

shirt~ H&M
shorts~ Marshalls
shoes~ Target
hat~ Dorfman Pacific

Things I am loving lately:
~ This hat. Once I moved out here, I realized I didn't own and needed a good sun hat. I have seriously worn this almost every day since I bought it.
~ Pilates. I recently started taking a really super challenging class. It kills me every time, but I can definitely feel myself getting stronger!
~ Trying new restaurants. I love eating out and trying new food. It's fun to have a whole slew of new places to try. Plus, if I am feeling lazy or uninspired about cooking dinner, it's a good excuse! "Hey, Jim, I just read this great Yelp review..."
~ This shop. Not only do they make amazingly cute clothes (I am seriously coveting this dress and this dress, among other things) but their mission to lead and inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable is awesome and something that I am really trying to focus in my own closet right now.
~ This list of children's books. I bought all of the books that we didn't already own almost immediately upon reading the list.
~ Mad Men. I cannot believe it's almost over! I am anxious to see how it ends.
~ Weekends with my family, exploring our new state. We have been trying to check out new places and have a new little adventure every weekend and it's been a lot of fun!

What are you loving lately?
xoxo, nora bird


  1. Mad Men! I can't believe it's ending either. I've been watching old episodes and just love the costumes. That shorts outfit is seriously so cute! And I need a hat like that.

  2. I love this outfit, so adorable! Oh, and HAT! lol

  3. Sounds like you are really enjoying your new home. So wonderful to have new things to discover.

    I'm loving Mad Men too...although I'm having separation anxiety already. LOL

    That shop has some great items and really fab styling.

    I adore the shorts and the hat. I'm a big hat person.


  4. I'm guessing that the cuisines available to you in CA differ from what was around in MN. It'd be fun to hear you discuss that in a future post. A blogger's gotta eat!

  5. LOVE those shorts!! and omg i cannot even talk about Mad Men. I'm having a farewell to MM party!

  6. Super cute look!! I need a good hat like that too. And I love that list of books, totally saving it for when Ollie's just a little older!

  7. This is such a cute, summery look! I love all of it! I need to try new places, I am such a creature of habit lately. Trying new restaurants sounds so wonderful. Because cooking is only awesome when you're not expected to do it, lol.

  8. I'm loving that I got that naked 2 palette in the mail yesterday. Also I love weekends. Try new restaurants is always fun.


  9. You definitely look like you are adapting to a warmer style very nicely! Love this look!

  10. California looks good on you!! :) had me laughing with your strategy to talk Jim into going out for dinner. Maybe I need to give that a try even though we've been in our city for years!

  11. You know I approve of the hat!!! AND the book list. I will have to try and find those ones x

  12. Since I'm a hat girl myself I'm definitely loving that one on you. I'm loving that I got a weekend away with my girls! It was so fun to be away (for the most part) from social media and the busyness of life and just have fun with them.

  13. So fun! I am glad you are having a blast so far. A good sun is a must in Sunny Cali, for sure.

  14. Nora, I love this pairing. So playful, stylish and oh, so wonderful. I wish we had such an amazing weather here. At the moment it's again cold and rainy. Love those dresses too. What can be more wonderful for summer then pretty dress.


  15. I am loving your hat, your Instagrams and hearing about your new Cali life! I have been living vicariously through you for sure! I love these shorts as well!

  16. Oh I am loving that you are loving living in California and everything you said! Great ensemble - cute with those sandals. I like that sustainable fashion thing, of course.

    And ...I am loving being back in blog-land and having fun again ...in blog-land. When I was chemo sick, it was really hard to blog and be cheerful. Now, I can blog and love it AGAIN!


  17. Well I love this look for one--those sandals and the shorts...just perfect! I also love trying new restaurants too and finding new books--headed to check out that list now!!

  18. I adore everything about this outfit. It's that perfect mix of playful and chic.

  19. I love each component of this! Great shorts! and they look wonderful on you. I can really see the Pilates!!
    Fab shoes, too, and hat!
    xx, Elle