Wednesday, April 29, 2015

outfit of the day(bird): 1-10

dress ~ vintage, garage sale
belt ~ thrifted
shoes ~ Kohl's
sunglasses ~ Francesca's
Out of curiosoty, I was wondering (if you're comfortable telling me) how you would rate yourself on a scale of 1-10. So, 10 being the best, how would you rate yourself in looks and personality?
I'll start:
looks: 6 or 7, depending on the day
personality: 8 (I happen to love my personality and would pick 10 most days, but am also aware that some people might find me loud and obnoxious)
I'm curious to hear your thoughts on yourself (but not on me, unless you say 10)!
megan bird


  1. you're a 10!! seriously adore you both and wish I knew y'all irl. I'm a 5 on looks but i'd say an 8 on personality. i'm funny once you get to know me but it's hard to show that side! i'd much rather sit back and listen during conversations.

  2. Myself? A good, solid, 7 and 7... you? Definitely a 10, all the way!

  3. Your looks: 8; your personality: 10. My looks: 2; my personality: 7

  4. for me my look is a 6 personality is 8

  5. Spell correct is driving me nuts! I've been trying to write EEEk and it kept turning it into Week!

    I have pretty good self I'd say 8 and 8. On a bad day I can go as low as a 6 and 4, personality and looks respectively.

    I knew that dress was vintage! : ) Love it.


  6. Hmm, for looks I'd put myself down at a 6 maybe, but on personality I'm up at an 8. Room for improvement but I think I'm a pretty good person all around. And you are a 10 in my eyes! Great dress!!

  7. let's see ...hmmm?

    I'm for sure?? A 9 on personality cuz I too get loud and annoying. I do much better if I remember to keep my trap SHUT! lol

    Style wise: Maybe an 8.5.

    But you my sweet friend are a 100 !!! The best friend in all of blog-land ( well, you and Nora and well... lots of other bloggers and some other ones too and some others)

    Thanks for saying you love my gray more than the previous blonde. Yes, not planning to change it. I know it will get lighter and lighter over time I'm enjoying the salt and pepper while it lasts.

    renae's repertoire

  8. You're definitely a 10! Not sure what I'd be!
    I love your beautiful dress, it is so pretty and seems different from your usual style but oh, so romantic and dreamy xx

  9. love your dress and belt! so cute! and fun post idea. ummmm. maybe a 7 for looks and 8 for personality. that's hard!!!

  10. For sure you are a 10! I find this an interesting question and my answers would change minute to minute on both looks and personality. Today--I would say maybe a 7 in looks because I've gotten a lot of compliments on my outfit today and a 7 in personality because if I'm around people that I know I'm fun but otherwise I am horribly shy and awkward.

  11. Looking lovely in that fab pink dress! I'd give (you and it a 10). xx T.

  12. Ooh I'm loving your hair! And I agree with everyone here--you're a 10 dearie!
    This is really hard! I feel like it depends on the day. I felt fab today so I'll give myself an 8 all around, but yesterday was rougher, it was more like 6 and 5 (I was cranky). So should I go with an average score of 7?

  13. I know this is supposed to be about me, but I am rating you 9.5 and 10. Nine.5 is beautiful without that annoying tendency towards perfection. Love your personality and your features are letter perfect.
    I think I am annoying but only because I am a nice addict. i think others would rate me high for that, I am just not sure. So I am giving myself an 8.2 . for looks I am sticking with the 8.2, not bad for a girl who will find herself at 57 by summer's end, and loving every day!
    xx, Elle

  14. You're a 10. If I squint & try to see myself through my husband's eyes, I'm totally a 10 on both. ;) I will say this--when I was younger (& much hotter, bc, well, YOUTH) I was so much harder on myself. Back then I would have rated myself a 5 & 8 (looks, personality). Looking back--I had it made! I was naturally skinny, my skin was clearer, no post-baby body issues. BUT, I'm soooo much more comfortable with myself now. There are things I don't like about myself but overall I love me. And I adore you! {I hope none of this came off as arrogant...}