Wednesday, April 29, 2015

mama bird: chef mimi

This post is kind of a 'bird seed', a 'baby bird.i.y', and a 'mama bird' all rolled into one. There are two (really really really simple) recipes and cute kids making things. And I was there for it all, so I just went ahead and decided to call it a 'mama bird' post. Not that you really care, I'm just explaining myself. I am sure you weren't going to lay awake tonight thinking, "Gosh, I wonder why Nora labeled that a 'mama bird' post???? How curious!" And if you were, I am sorry to say, that is really quite strange. But I digress. Onto the post!

Mimi is always telling us what she is going to be when she grows up. It usually changes day to day; she's going to be a scientist, a basketball player, an engineer "like daddy", a mommy "like mommy", a teacher, a ballet dancer, a nurse, a writer, an artist, and so on and so forth. But lately she has been telling me she is going to be a chef, and that one has stuck for a couple of weeks now. So, I have been letting her help out with meals, washing and chopping fruits and veggies and other simple tasks, and she has been loving it. On Sunday we went to the farmer's market and ended up buying a big bunch of strawberries. And yesterday, Mimi declared that she wanted to make dessert with the strawberries. We decided on chocolate covered strawberries (with sprinkles, of course) and cream cheese filled strawberries.

What you'll need:
About two dozen strawberries. (We actually used 27 and made 15 chocolate and 12 cream cheese.)
Parchment paper

For the chocolate:
4 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips, melted
sprinkles (optional)

For the cream cheese:
4 oz cream cheese
1/4 cup powdered sugar
1/8 tsp (maybe a titch more) almond extract
Mix all ingredients together and put in a ziplock (with one corner cut off) or pastry bag.

 Line a baking sheet with parchment.
For the chocolate, holding it from the stem, simply dip the strawberry into the melted chocolate and then into the sprinkles. Place onto the parchment lined pan and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

Little brother was very interested.

He wanted a closer look!

Perhaps he, too, will want to be a chef!

Or maybe he just wants a taste of that sweet sweet chocolate!

For the cream cheese, cut a deep X into the tip of each strawberry. Spread the berries open and pipe about 2 tsp of the cream cheese mixture into each. Little hands will need help with this process! Place onto the pan and refrigerate until you are ready to eat!

Once the strawberries are filled, go ahead and eat the rest of that cream cheese. You know you want to!

xoxo, nora bird (and Chef Mimi, too!)


  1. Love those wee faces! Ben is getting SO big now. =)

    Chef Mimi can make dessert for me anytime!

  2. Um delicious! I love chocolate and strawberries together - I bet the cream cheese was also delicious. Mimi can come cook for me anytime!

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  4. I haven't made cover chocolate strawberry in a long time

  5. Hooray! I love this post so much!!! My daughter LOVES cooking too and it is one activity that I truly cherish doing with her. What a fun and simple recipe! Thanks for sharing! These photos are TOO DAMN CUTE!!! I love Ben's face with the bit of chocolate on it LOL

  6. Mimi is such a cutie pie!! I'm siure she will make an excellent chef or whatever she desires with loving and supportive patents x

  7. What great photos you got here! I ADORE chocolate covered strawberries. Must admit I've never tried them with sprinkles ...


  8. Amazing post !Would you like to follow each other?

  9. These look so good, and so cute too!! I can't wait until Jona is a little older and he can help out in the kitchen--I loved helping my mom when I was growing up and I'm so excited to do that with him too. He's already a strawberry lover, so these will be perfect I'm sure!

  10. oh Nora! That was such a fun post.

    Your photos are super great. Did you get a new camera? Mimi is getting more and more pretty as she grows. And know I love Ben. Have since day 1. Yuppers.

    Thanks for saying ya love my hair gray now than the previous blonde. Yay! Nice to hear cuz I plan to not color it evah a-GAIN!. ♥renae

    renae's repertoire

  11. mimi is SUCH a cutie! i mean chef mimi! ;)

  12. Chef Mimi has it all going on! I see a candy /dessert franchise in her future..
    actually she could en Anyone she pleases!
    Loved these photos!!
    xx, elle