Friday, April 17, 2015

life lately: thrifted

I haven't had a ton of time lately to thrift, but I went once or twice over the past couple of months and have gotten lucky in my finds. I thought I'd share a few of my faves...

1. Because just one striped tee won't do.
2. The cutest pair of nude Enzo Angiolinis that I have been searching for forever.
3. The best thing about this lace sweater is that it's long. I plan on wearing it as a beach cover-up this summer.
4. Pink scar. Giraffes. Need I say more?
5. Fuzzy and sheer, like peanut butter and chocolate.
6. I can't not buy vintage bracelets when I see them Especially when they're only $1.00.
7. I love pretty much anything with fringe on it these days. Plus a scarf I can wear in the summer is always a bonus.
8. This J. Crew pencil skirt was calling my name. I didn't even try it on before I bought it.
What have you thrifted lately?
Happy Friday!!
megan bird


  1. I seriously need you to take me thrifting sometime. I get overwhelmed by all the racks! But you always find the cutest things!

  2. Nice. I love the serendipitous nature of thrifting. It forces us to be creative and expands our style. These are smart selections.

  3. I haven't been out lately. Those striped tees would be ideal for creating that DIY tee with hello on it : )


  4. Never enough striped shirts for sure! And the giraffe scarf! LOVE! These are all some really great finds!

  5. Hellohola! You got some NIIIIICE items here, that bracelet is amazing, it's like you raided the bathroom supplies hardware store!x

  6. Love the skirt, really loving the giraffe print scarf!

  7. Those t-shirt are so comfortable.

  8. hi Megan and Nora!
    Just testing.

    1. Tried to get Simple Sequins to appear but it won't now. I just connects me to 'Renae' that doesn't link back to my new blog or my old blog. just a DEAD END. LOL

      oh, well.

      I love the two bottom pics!
      That scarf IS CALLING MY NAME, lol
      The J. Crew Skirt is for ME!!!! (depends on the size). um...

      You all have a super weekend and just to let you know I always have an odd visual of Megan in MN and Nora in CA and it is odd. It hard but I'll manage. I'm so sure it is harder on you more on than me. lol ♥

      renae's repertoire

  9. Love your finds!
    The stripe tees are great , I love a v neck for those!
    more the open work sweater, i can see it on the e beach, the furry knit is so cool, and I love that skirt!
    Yes, I have been thrifting too, with some great finds! ( and good charities to benefit!)
    XX, Elle

  10. Great finds! I lurv that pencil skirt as well!

  11. Those pumps are pretty awesome. I love that the non-platform pointy toes are coming back. And that skirt!

  12. Ooh so many fun things here. I love both of those pretty bright scarves, and that pencil skirt is just perfection!!

  13. can't believe i missed a post from y'all! i love thrifting hauls. ps: your comments have never been negative! i promise! i love your visits.