Monday, April 13, 2015

Inspiration Monday: Worst Mom Award

the inspiration
Charlize Theron
megan bird
leggings ~ Dots
sunglasses ~ Francesca's
shirt, shoes ~ thrifted
nora bird
shirt ~ hand-me-down from little sister
pants ~ Urban Outfitters
shoes ~ Converse
sunglasses ~ Target
On Friday, the kids and I (and eventually Chris) decided to have a slumber party in our sunroom. We brought down the memory foam mattress topper, all the blankets and pillows we could fit in our arms, and set up camp. We made a ton of appetizers and set out to find a movie on Amazon. I saw that they had Into the Woods, but I had heard this movie was pretty dark. So I texted my sisters asking if they'd ever seen it, and if so, was it appropriate for my kids. I then did a little Google research to see if the movie would scare them.
The more I read, the more I thought that it might be a little too dark for the instead we watched Mr. Deeds....which says the "s" and "a" words quite a few times.
In the end, my kids did not get nightmares, but they did cringe every time Adam Sandler said a bad word. And I didn't turn it off. Movie mom fail..
But the slumber party was a success. And I'm guessing that's the part they will remember. Or at least I'm hoping.
megan bird
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  1. Oh dear, how unfortunate!!! The slumber party sounds great fun though!!! Alas, I cannot see your pics on my phone!!! X

  2. Oh well, it probably won't be the first or last time they hear those words...and Mr. Deeds is pretty funny :) I'm sure they'll remember the fun they had spending the night out there than the bad words from Adam Sandler anyway. Love both of these looks, so cute and casual!
    My look is pretty far from the inspiration, but the shoes did inspire it! And I haven't linked up for a while :)

  3. Into the Woods IS pretty dark! I took my kids to see it in the theater after a friend recommended it - and I probably should've left. None of them had nightmares... but it was a bit much for them. Mr. Deeds is pretty funny - gotta love Adam Sandler!

  4. Well even with all the bad words, Mr. Deeds does have kind of a nice underlying message about kindness! That sounds like a fun evening! I love your shoes Megan, they're so cute! And Nora, your hair has gotten so long!

  5. I love inspiration and even more your both looks. Such a great outfits for busy days. Comfortable and stylish. I have on my wishlist since forever blue shirt. Fingers cross will find perfect one.
    It must be so hard to find movies or cartoons for kids, because lots of them is not just for kids. Despite everything with movie I think you're the best mom - what a great party you all had. I would love to have it as well.

  6. Great renditions my friends. I love that it's springtime in Minnesota, Megan. Nora, you are in spring time 300 days of the year so we will celebrate 'rain' for you. I cant were leggings any more. Perhaps later but since chemo, they are too tight. It's a slow circulation issue. oh well, have a super sunshiney day. Megan, it is hard to get the right movie. I did worse with my girls, and they let me know all the time now; "Don't Tell Mom the Baby Sitters Dead", "Adventures in Babysitting" and "Mr Destiny" have bad language and plot lines = worst mom award. My daughters still love me.
    renae's repertoire

  7. Oh how I have been there. Totally. Especially with Kaden as he gets older and my movie researching gets more lax because he's 14 now so he can pretty much see anything but I don't like him to watch things with sex scenes or drugs or anything really violent or gory. But man I have found myself slapping myself in the head when I put on movies that I saw a long time ago, couldn't remember anything too bad in them and . . . whoops. There was a lot of bad stuff. Aw well. There are a lot of slapstick funny things in Mr. Deeds! And I love that you guys camped out in your sunroom!

  8. I sure you kids will remember the funny parts of the movie. You both did a great job recreating this outfit.

  9. Cute outfits. Since you both have amazing legs, I'm assuming it's genetic. Another reason I want you to adopt me. Finding movies that are appropriate for kids is a tough chore these days.

  10. I love the way both of you styled this outfit. I had a feeling I would as soon as I saw the prompt. Good to know about Into the Woods - I hadn't seen it yet but I'm sure nannying I would've suggested it thinking it was based off fairy tales. Glad I can avoid that now.

  11. the best worst mom ever! please, you are not even the worst mom at all! i grew up with parents smoking in the car (windows up!), lead paint, no seatbelts, etc of the 80s. my parents never would never have done a sleepover, so you're pretty awesome!

  12. Girls, you definitely pull those leggings off! I tried the faux leather legging thing...twas not pretty. You ladies though, totes on point.

  13. Love your sleek look on you both. You are rocking the black leggings and shirt look!
    Kudos for good mothering, that is making the best choice of what is available... and doing research, too.
    and few 4 letter words will not harm or maim your children in an way, and some of the movies out there, even PG ones send very bad vibes..
    xx, Elle