Monday, April 6, 2015

inspiration monday: kick the can

the inspiration

megan bird

skirt ~ vintage, thrifted
shirt ~ thrifted
shoes ~ House of Harlow via Second Debut
necklace ~ Claire's
sunglasses ~ Francesca's

nora bird

tee ~ H&M
pants, shoes ~ Target
necklace ~ gift from in-laws

Our kids asked us why people always say that time moves so quickly. To them, summer feels three years long, but to us, it's over before we know it. And it got me to thinking why that is. Our lives are so full these days...we work, we clean, we have dates, and sports, and more work, and more sports, and we always wish we had more time to do more things. We plan our days by the hour, hoping there's enough time to just get an hour to do nothing. And then when we have that hour, we feel guilty that we're not working or cleaning. OK, we don't always feel guilty, but sometimes.

So I have decided that I am going to "plan" a whole weekend where we do nothing. Nothing but eat good food, drink good beer, hang out with good people. And I think that kick the can will be involved, because when I think about how summers felt endless to me, I think about playing kick the can once the street lights came on every summer night. So that's what I am going to plan.

Who's in?

megan bird

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  1. I think you've got the right idea. Time passes us by too quickly and it is important to just BE at times. I wish my Dad and Stepmum would do that more. They stress about getting everything done and perfectly and how there is always so much to do. I say, just let the housework go to pot for once!

    I've lined up as I had the basic pieces though I am on this rubbish tab' et and it is taking too much trouble to copy across a photo so I apologise for not doing that but I really hate this computer!!! Hope you are well! Xx

  2. I am SO in for that! Your assessment is spot on; most of us pack way to many to do's into our lives and very little down time. Loving the style renditions. I broke out one of my spring/summer faves for this one. :) Thanks for hosting this link up. T.

  3. I'm in. Modern life is too busy, too scheduled. In the old days, it was different -- and people appreciated the down-time. We're not machines and need to relax. And be spontaneous. Great post.

  4. love your inspiration and how you both interpreted it! i'm all for that kind of weekend.

  5. Me! I'm in! : ) I used to love that game : )

    It is true that many people have a problem enjoying life without needing to fill it up all the time. My sister is always planning so many things for her kids to do but if you ask them they'll say they just want to stay home and hang out, making stuff or reading. Enjoying moments and making meaningful memories are what really count.


  6. I've never actually played kick the can! But I love the sentiment. I'm all for an endless summer! :) And I'm all about your shoes Megan!

  7. Lovin' your inspiration this week. Floral prints look great on both of you!

  8. Kick the can? My gracious I haven't thought of kick the can in ages. Oh and time? My gracious, it never stops anymore. It just takes off from the morning and the next thing I know it is 4:pm then all of a sudden it is 8pm.
    btw, your wedges are adorbs but I would kill myself with Megan's. I had a pair like that once and wore them to work, barely walked and I managed to biff it right in front of my managers office door and in front of about six guys. Now, stop laughing. stop. I was so embarrassed. Took the slippery suckers off and hurried back to my desk....
    ♥renae of

  9. ME! Pick me! Seriously, those are the kind of weekends I want to have every weekend this summer. I want time to just slow down and I want to enjoy more moments by the moment instead of cramming so much into a day.

    Love both of your looks by the way. I'm linking up tomorrow. But the dress I wore is on my IG today. Cause I apparently don't play by the rules or something!

  10. I always love weekends with no plans. I honestly look forward to those days where I don't have to do anything at all. They are the best!

  11. Oh I'm SO in. That sounds wonderful. You're right, when I do take time to sit and do nothing and be lazy, I do always feel so guilty and think about all the things I should be doing!
    Love both looks--the floral skirt and printed pants are both so springy, I love it!

  12. I'm totally in and that is kind of what I came to the conclusion of this weekend. So for sure! Count me in! I love both of your sandals as well as your skirt Megan and your pants Nora!

  13. I so could go for a week filled in doing nothing.

  14. I linked up! And great idea for a weekend of just pure fun and relaxation. We need that every once and a while for sure.

  15. My favorites weekends are the one where you have nothing to do. Because you're right, being busy makes the time fly by.

  16. i love the look of these full midi skirts, but i just can't pull them off!! great looks here, guys!!