Friday, April 24, 2015

a bird's life

Happy Happy Friday! This week really seemed to drag along, didn't it? Was it just me or did it feel that way to everyone? But it is Friday! We made it! We have had a busy past couple of weeks filled with friends and family, trips into the city, trips across the bay, and trips to the beach. I thought I'd share a few photos from our comings and goings and doings and eatings these past couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy!

~ A simple and delicious lunch. Sriracha sea salt = everything.
~ Happy Hour in San Francisco with some dear friends.
~ Mondays, am I right? We didn't want to get out of bed.
~ My mom and big sister, Carrie, were in town for a few days! So wonderful.
~ I finally got a shot of one of these critters. They're fast little guys!
~ Mimi got an awesome new shirt! (Get it here.)
~ Mimi snapped this shot of me on the beach! The ocean is my happy place.
~ Ben also got an awesome new shirt! (Get it here.)
~ Sick day necessities: hot tea, a good book, and fresh blooms.
~ The beautiful birthday girl on her birthday.

xoxo, nora bird

P.S. Passive Juice Motel is not paying me to advertise their shirts or anything. I just really think they're super rad.


  1. Love these photos! Mimi's new t-shirt is awesome sauce, as is her beautiful birthday girl smile, and Ben's happy wee face is yay. Seems like yesterday I was looking at his newborn photos here!

  2. Ahh...humming birds : ) Love them.

    What a fun looking week.


  3. Avocados rule! This felt like the longest week of my life. I'm so relieved you seem to be adapting to CA so well.

  4. I am loving those Passive Juice Motel shirts, I might have to get one for Ollie! And I'm glad you had some visits out there!

  5. Well, this was a life changing read. Sriracha sea salt is a thing?? I put salt and Sriracha on avocados almost every day. And now I discover they can be found already put together? Amazing. :)

  6. Your kiddos are so cute! Those are great shirts. It looks like you're settling in well.

  7. hi Nora!

    I recognized each of these pics. {i ♥ try}. lol.

    I went to Target and they had two of those fruit/veg basket bowls thingies but I thought they looked better in your space. I have a tiny, ill-equipped kitchen and there wouldn't be a decent place for it. So may yours live long and prosper. lol

    renae's repertoire

  8. Wow, those are really cool photos and you got a hummingbird!!!!!x

  9. Gorgeous, real life photos! Love the hummingbird! the kids are darling in any attire,
    I think when Pinterest started up they and you and your family in mind
    Loved this post !
    From the sliced avocado the mimi's happy smile...
    xx, Elle

  10. Aww yay, love all these sweet pics. Sriracha sea salt?! Sounds GOOD. Glad your mom and sister came to visit. CA living looks pretty wonderful so far!