Thursday, March 26, 2015

outfit of the day(bird): virgin ears

jeans ~ Old Navy
sweatshirt ~ Len Dreskin
boots ~ b. (a resale shop)
sunglasses ~ Francesca's
hat ~ NY & Co.
I have always been the parent who is honest with my kids. Some may say too honest. I am not a liar, though, and when they ask me a question, I want them to know they can trust me to answer I do. Well, except when they ask about Santa Claus and the tooth fairy, but that's acceptable.
They have asked me questions about sex, and changing bodies, and other items of the such in the past, and it's never bothered me. I answer very matter-of-factly with as much information as I think is necessary based on their age. But last night, for some reason, I was thrown for a loop. 
Out of nowhere, Henry turned to me, looked me in the eye, and said, "Mama, what does virgin mean?" For some reason, I was not at all prepared. I stumbled around for a minute, throwing out words like "wool, olive oil, pure, not processed". He was confused and Chris was just in the corner laughing at me. So finally I just said, "Well, the word is most often meant to define a person who hasn't had sex."
And Henry pursed his lips together, tried not to laugh, and then said to me, "Mama, I'm a virgin."
And that was that.
megan bird


  1. Just be glad it wasn't in public. (It wasn't, was it?)

    Loving your top!

  2. When the time comes, I think I will be honest with Vivian too with the small things like Santa and Easter Bunny at first. But yeah, being honest with the kids is for the best. I had to laugh at Henry's comment. And this outfit is slightly edgy, slightly boho. Great boots!

  3. Your family should have their own TV show!

  4. Ugh, I dread those kind of conversations, I'm glad my conversations with Ollie are limited to "turtle, Elmo and bottle" right now! But when it happens, I plan to be honest too. Good for you and Henry's response is pretty funny!

  5. Ha ha! Great answer : )


  6. LOL That's great! I have the same policy with my kids. But they do come up with some interesting questions, don't they? LOVE your shirt!

  7. That is hilarious!!!! And what a sweetie!x

  8. HAHAHAHAH!!! Why is it that mom's are always asked the tough questions?!

  9. This made me laugh out loud! I sure miss those sweet days when my boys were younger. They said such cute things we (me and Mark) still laugh about today! Adorable pics! Your hat is TDF! T.

  10. This made me laugh! I love that you're that kind of parent--I hope I can be that honest with my children. I think that is a very good thing. I love that sweatshirt and your cute slouchy beanie too!

  11. You're shirts are killing it lately. Love it!!

  12. Ahaha you handled it better than I would have! As a teacher it's nice because you always have the, "that's a great question for your parents" option haha.

  13. I love your initial response! I can totally see me responding in the same manner in the future. :)

  14. What a perfect answer, plain, with just enough info. Love the response , as I love your purple tee and what ti stands for.
    Love the hat, too.
    xx, Elle