Monday, March 30, 2015

inspiration monday: regular megan

the inspiration
Ashley Greene
megan bird
shirt ~ TJ Maxx
necklace ~ Burlington
leggings ~ Kohls
boots ~ swap
nora bird
shirt ~ thrifted
jeans ~ Jessican Simpson
shoes ~ Marshalls
necklace ~ vintage
I went to a blogger party on Saturday which was a blast. We each brought three of our favorite things to share and we drew names and got to choose from the bounty of what everyone brought. (I brought Smith's Rosebalm Salve and came home with nail polish, two lotions, a beautiful print, and lipstick.) There were two Megans, and one of them was one of the organizers. My friend Lauren was the other organizer. When Lauren drew the other Megan's name for her turn to pick a favorite thing, she said, "OK, it's regular Megan's turn."
I spun around in mock anger and acted as if I were offended. "Does that make me 'Irregular Megan'?" I asked. To which another fabulous blogger responded, "No, it just means you're 'Super Megan'." And I loved that answer the most.
(super) megan bird
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  1. Yes, I sometimes also feel I am a "super" woman with all the many feats I tackle. LOL! Feels good to at least say I am. ;) Loving the style renditions! I focused on the pants and shoes this round, which was fun. I'd never thought of pairing my strappy shoes with my black jeans, but it worked. :) Thanks for hosting this link up! T.

  2. Hahaha, what a fun story Irregular, Super Megan. =D Jealous you went to a fun blogger's event. You and Nora both look great in these head-to-toe black outfits. I need to do/wear more black head to toe lately. As a matter of fact I wore a similar outfit last week which I plan on posting this week so I will link up. Megan, how did you do that little fun side braid? Mine never comes out nice. =(

  3. Super Megan! Perfect!

    Your monochrome outfit here highlights your (insanely-attractive) figure. The curves of your legs are the envy of women everywhere. And, hey, are those pictures of Nora from California?!

  4. You look lovely - both of you! And I'm so sad I missed the blogger event! It looked like a lot of fun!

  5. Super Megan - it totally fits! And Nora, I'm loving the first post from your new backyard!

  6. I think someone else said you were "Special Megan" but that could be taken wrong too, lol. I prefer Super Megan as well. And I'm so happy to have spent some time with you this weekend! Let's do it again soon!

    And Nora - your new backyard looks fabulous!!!

  7. It's SUPER Megan and SUPER Nora to me!
    Hello !!! !!! !!! I am back and we are happy. You guys look great. I love Megan's rainy street and Nora's sun-drenched green foliage {and your ensembles ROCK, of course}. This is going to be fun; seeing both climates in your ultra-super-fun blog! Be sure and come over to see me / my stuff at ' http://renae' ' - k? k. ♥
    {i know, it stills says 'simple sequins' = gotta get that fixed, dang}

  8. LOL How fun and funny! You are super Megan! What a fitting title and way better than regular! Yay to Nora's Cali pics! You both look great as normal!

  9. you both nailed this outfit.

  10. I find myself wearing all-black ensembles all the time which made me think...why didn't I link up for this one?? I especially love both of your pendant necklaces. And yes, Super Megan was the winner of the day. :) Also, I agree with everyone else: your backyard will make a beautiful background for your pics, Nora!

  11. Yep, I agree, you're definitely super Megan!x

  12. Beautiful photos. I love the necklace and those BOOTS!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  13. It was lovely meeting you on Saturday SUPER Megan! The name was quite fitting. I love both your outfits, I have a penchant for going all black everything on days when I want to look put together, but not have to worry too often. I really like the idea of adding a big statement necklace to still set the outfit apart.

  14. Oh look at Nora being all sleeveless and warm. I am sooo envious! You both look really cute in this look and I love the braid you did in your hair. I have been trying to do that a bit as I grow out my bangs but it is still a bit tricky. Happy Easter Super Megan! xoxo

  15. Looking fab Super Megan (love that!), you can rock an all black look! And Nora, look at you in the California sunshine, it's agreeing with you so far! :)