Monday, March 23, 2015

inspiration monday flashback: september 1, 2014

the inspiration
Emmanuelle Chriqui
megan bird
jeans ~ Opitz
shirt ~ Etsy, gift from Chris
shoes, blazer ~ thrifted, Goodwill
necklace ~ Kohls
nora bird
jacket ~ MN blogger garage sale
leggings ~ Urban Outfitters
shirt ~ Victorias Secret
shoes ~ thrifted
necklace ~ Etsy
These pictures are from last September....when it was green and sunny. It appears that Minnesota Spring really did come in like a lamb, and will now be going out like a lion. As I type, I am looking out at a few inches of snow, maybe the most snow we've had in a few months here. I think historically, March is the snowiest month in Minnesota, but I am always ok with it because warm weather and longer days are just on the horizon. So today I will wipe the snow from the car knowing that this yucky snow will soon melt and feed the trees that will make Minnesota that beautiful state that we sometimes forget about for 3-6 months every year.
Bring it on Minnesota, I still love you.
Happy Monday!
megan bird
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  1. great the first i love the tee and in the second the jacket is so nice

  2. Spring still hasn't come here. We had one day of -12 C which I think is like 60 F and then we were plunged back into winter. I must admit that it is depressing. I'm glad we managed to get away this year to break it up.

    I hope for both of us that Spring shows up soon!


  3. I felt the same way when I was cleaning off my car this morning, I'm like, this stinks right now, but it will make the grass green and happy later! Yay for a positive spin right? I remember loving that Mama Bear t-shirt before and still love it now!

  4. I know - I still love this crazy snowy state too. Though you both look awfully warm in these pics. Just have to remind myself that it's coming soon.

  5. I love all of our crazy weather too - even if it does drive me bananas at times. The Mama Bear Shirt is AMAZING!

  6. Nice outfits!
    Spring still hasn't come here in CT too.
    Alena &

  7. pics from last september? i wouldn't have guessed - the looks still work! megan, i love those shoes, and nora - that jacket! also - enough snow mpls. enough.

  8. What a positive attitude! March is our snowiest month also, but it seems like we might luck out this year. I loved this inspiration and the way you guys made it your own!

  9. Great job Megan and Nora!
    Megan you are rocking those turquoise maryjane heels, and I the jacket with he contrast cuffs!
    Well done. and the mom graphic tee- awww.
    Nora, I Love that jacket, i did a double take, it thought ti was two pieces, two great pieces! Love the nude heels and powder blue striped tee! Great look, and bonus for the thrifting!
    xx, Elle

  10. I love the touches of pink! We missed the last few weather systems with snow (I don't know how). We're supposed to get some this weekend, but we will be heading south for spring break. Yay!

  11. So nice to see lovely green grass! xxx

  12. Meghan's shoes and Nora's shirt please!! Ughhh....seems that Northern IL and MN have a lot in common, I just had sandals on last week and today it was back to boots....

  13. megan - love those shoes; nora - adorbs little jacket! you might have heard this from me before, but i'd love a day of snow...just one!!