Monday, March 16, 2015

inspiration monday flashback: january 20, 2014

the inspiration
megan bird
jeans ~ Ross
sweater ~ b. (a resale shop)
boots ~ Urban Original
hat, sunglasses ~ thrifted
nora bird
jeans ~ H&M
sweater ~ Marshalls
boots, necklace ~ gifts
watch ~ Michael Kors
sunglasses ~ Kohls
my kids know me so well. this is a conversation i had with eva the other day when i needed to return something to kohls...
me: real quick, i have to stop into kohls and return something.
eva: oh, i know how it's going to go, you're going to walk in and return your pants. then on the way out, you'll stop and say, ooooh, wait one second, i see something i like. and then we'll be at kohls forever.
and she was right. except this time, i bough the stuff without trying it on first. we were in and out in 15 minutes, not forever. i'll show her!
two birds
For next week's inspiration picture, click here. (It will be another flashback.)


  1. You made me smile and laugh--a great story to begin my Monday with! You two look so cozy chic in the snow (ours has started to melt a bit). Thanks for hosting this link up! T.

  2. Fun flashback, I remember linking up to this one last time with a nursing top because Ollie was only one month old! And look at all that snow. So glad we don't have any of that now!

  3. Cool sweaters!

    Alena &

  4. Haha!! My kids are the same exact way when I need to stop by anywhere that could potentially have clothes. I went to Goodwill "real quick" yesterday to see if I could find a kneading hook for my Kitchenaid. And I left with a denim jacket. And no hook.

  5. Ha, that's hilarious! And she totally has you sussed!!! xx

  6. have a great week

  7. My kids hate going anywhere with me. I am never quick. That's why I try to go when they're at school. I love a good slouchy sweater and jeans look.

  8. That is hilarious--that's always how I am too. I always think I'll be quick, but then I get sidetracked :)