Wednesday, March 25, 2015

bird.i.y.: homemade natural lipstick

I am a sucker for lipstick. Lip stain, lip gloss, you name it, I will buy it. And the funny thing is that I rarely wear it. So I decided I need to start wearing it more often. If I'm going to wear it more often, I decided it might as well be something that I know is safe and healthy, and I know what the ingredients are. And this is how I came to make my own lipstick.

Well actually, this is how I came to make my own lipstick....

1. It's 7:45 and the kids are in bed. I need one more ingredient for this DIY, but I'm already in my pajamas (since 5:00 when I got home from work), so the best I could do to run to the coop is throw on a baggy sweater to cover the fact that I'm not wearing a bra. And mocs because screw you snow, I'm going outside without socks on.

2. On my way out, I ask Chris if he wants anything from the coop. He answers, "meat". So I grab him some meat, and baked cheese curls for myself, because if they're baked and wheat free/gluten free, that for sure means they're healthy right? I mean, it even says "Feel Good Snacking" right on the packaging. Packaging never lies, right?
3. I can't leave that damn coop without buying some sort of essential oil or aromatherapeutic item. But my life has been quite stressful lately, so why not grab this, too?
4. $50 later, I leave the coop and head home to make my lipstick.

Here's what you'll need, besides the cheese puffs/stress reliever. (Which are not necessary, but I highly recommend them.)
~ 1 T raw shea butter
~ 1 T coconut oil
~ 1 T beeswax pastilles
~ Beet powder for color. Use as much as you want for pigmentation. I used 1 1/2 tablespoons.
~ 1 container (Mine is too big, but it's all I had. You could use an empty chapstick container, but would need to reduce the recipe then.)

5. Add all the ingredients, except the beet powder, into a glass dish. Add the dish into a pan of boiling water and stir until it is fully melted.

6. Remove from heat and immediately add the beet powder. Stir until fully blended.
7. Pour mixture into container and let cool.

8. Apply liberally to lips and bask in the knowledge that every time you lick your lips, it's like drinking a V-8 (no, it doesn't taste like beets).
megan bird


  1. Now that could be fun! (And it looks awesome.)

  2. such a cool DIY

  3. Wow. Never knew this was even possible. Your description of your day is so humorous.

  4. I have never thought of making homemade lip stick - but this is pretty cool! And oh cheese puffs. I have such a weakness for those!

  5. This is really cool! I feel like I am too lazy to get all of the ingredients, mix it, and wait for it to melt. What does this say about me??

  6. I love this, and it looks fab! Wearing more lipstick was one of my "goals" this year too, maybe I could get even more motivated and MAKE the lipstick. Baby steps...

  7. Oh wow, I would never think of doing this! I wear lipstick all the time or my lips feel dry and I feel so pale faced!