Tuesday, February 17, 2015

outfit of the day(bird): conferences

jeans ~ Opitz
tank ~ Target
jacket ~ thrifted
hat ~ made by mom
booties ~ Michael Kors via Second Debut

We got a call from Henry's teacher last week asking to have conferences. That sounds normal, no? Well, these were conferences "upon request" only. So we knew he was in trouble. Henry is a very smart kid, but he's also a class clown. This is a trait that will probably do well for him as he gets older, but he also needs to learn respect and control in school. We went to conferences expecting "the usual" talk about how he needs to not talk in class.

We did get that talk, and the teacher talked about how it would probably be a lot easier for him if he chose not to sit by the usual suspects. But then another teacher chimed in. (Yes, we had more than one teacher come in to talk to us...sounds bad, no?) This other teacher told us that he thought that seating Henry by three studious girls would solve the problem. But in his words, it turns out that Henry is "quite the charmer" with the ladies, and has, in turn, turned these three studious girls into giggling, swooning little girls while they should be reading. 

We had to be upset, because as parents, we want our kids to be respectful of teachers and other students in class. But I was also a little giddy to know that my son is a charmer. Like I said, somewhere down the line, that will be a good trait.
megan bird


  1. Those phone call can never be good. Glad everything went well

  2. LOL you've got a little George Clooney on your hands.


  3. These traits are powers that can be used for good or evil. Channeling children's traits in the right direction is the job of parenting. Good luck!

  4. I once knew a boy like that; intelligent, funny, a real charmer.... and got in trouble a bit in school, for just those qualities.
    He, however, came across a very creative teacher who put those qualities to use in school theatrical productions, and who encouraged him to develop his many talents, which also used a good deal of the young man's energies, etc... It didn't take long for the teacher, Mr. H., to teach the boy, 'Jeff', where it was appropriate to use his humour and charm. 'Jeff' is now a comedian/musician/actor/singer; and known as much for his charitable work and good deeds as for his stage presence.
    Might work for Henry too, you never know.

  5. Your son is a charmer like mamma. You always look so good in a beanie. I adore, adorrrrre those boots. WOW!

  6. That will be good trait indeed. You look gorgeous in this casual look with those cute booties.


  7. Aw, a mini-Cassanova! But yes, I understand as a parent how you have to also teach the whole "respect the rules thing"

    LOVE the jeans and boots!!

  8. You rock that hat--love that it's made by your mom! And your son...yes, that fine line of discipline & supporting the teachers mixed with knowing those "life skills" will suit him in the future. What a charmer... :)

  9. Yep! Sounds like what we used to deal with with Kaden in public school (among other things). I totally get where you are coming from. It's hard to teach kids about a time and a place to be silly--especially when they are young and social.

  10. Awwww! What a little sweetie, hehehe! I love this look! It is in the negative teens here! I cannot go outside without bundling up in everything I own. I will have to live vicariously though you!

  11. Ah, we would have conferences just like this with Jacob. As he's gotten older, he's learned how to hold back and he has also become less of an extrovert. I think this is typical in the pre-teen years (do not call attention to self!). I do understand your being proud though. You always want your kid to be the funny and charming one. BTW - cuuuute boots!

  12. Oh my gosh! So absolutely adorable.. both YOU and Henry! Love this story. xo Tammy

  13. give that little guy a high five!! lol.