Friday, February 6, 2015

mama bird: our favorite books, lately

We are a book-loving family. Both Jim and I grew up surrounded by books. My mom and dad are avid readers and the living room in my childhood home was walled with floor to ceiling bookshelves, overflowing with books. Jim's mom is a retired librarian and his older sister is also a librarian. Needless to say, his parent's home is also filled with books. We surround our kids with books of all kinds and we read to them every night. It's not unusual to find both Ben and Mimi curled up on the couch, the floor, in bed, or just about anywhere, paging through a book. I thought I would share some of our favorite books that have been in heavy circulation lately.

Oh, the Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss
A classic. A great story about finding your way in life.

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
A story about learning to share and making friends in the process.

Journey by Aaron Becker
A beautifully illustrated and imaginative adventure story about a lonely girl who escapes her world by drawing a doorway into a magical realm.

The 100th Customer by Byung-Gyu Kim and K.T. Hao
A heartwarming tale about a boy who learns that a full heart is more satisfying than a full stomach.

King & King by Linda de Haan and Stern Nijland
A beautiful story about diversity and tolerance that teaches how love transcends gender.

Best Word Book Ever by Richard Scarry
A giant dictionary of amusement. Another classic. 

The Monster Princess by D.J. Machale
A gorgeously illustrated story about being true to yourself and loving who you are.

Locomotive by Brian Floca
A stunning story about how the transcontinental railroad was built and one train's journey across the United States. A great read for train lovers of all ages.

Moody Cow Meditates by Kerry Lee Maclean
A simple story that introduces children to the practices of meditation. 

Hubert the Pudge: A Vegetarian Tale by Henrik Drescher
A good book for young vegetarians or anyone looking to gain awareness about the meat industry and factory farms. It teaches about these grim subjects in a light way, appropriate for young children.

The Giving Tree  by Shel Silverstein
Yet another classic book. A story about unconditional love.

The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak
This book may not have pictures but it delivers lots of laughs. Be prepared to read it again and again!

Do you have a favorite children's book?

xoxo, nora bird


  1. They all sound wonderful! (But I must confess that The Giving Tree is my favourite.)

  2. a big hit lately is the one about pressing the yellow dot...i cannot think of the name but it's cute.

  3. We read a LOT of Green Eggs and Ham around here. :) I'm going to have to look into some of these!

  4. I love these pictures! I will have to check some of these out, I just love reading books to Ollie! We have a couple of new favorites that I don't think would be too young for your kids - I Love You, Stinky Face and The Tickle Tree. They're board books, but they're pretty good! I will warn The Tickle Tree has some tricky words though that make Dr. Seuss seem tame, lol!

  5. I miss those days! My children are grown but my daughter was/is a bookworm. Her favorite bedtimes were Ira Sleeps Over by Bernard Waber and Much Bigger than Martin - Steven Kellogg.
    You have such a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing.

  6. hi Two Birds! My favorite for me was Bible Stories. My favorite my daughters was Steve Kellogg's "A Fresh Bouquet of Kittens" {his illustrations are very detailed and he believes kittens are always smiling}. and of my latest books for Mimi and Ben would be one written by a friend of mine. It was on the New York Times Best Seller List, it's here: Enjoy!!! ♥, Renae

  7. The Rainbow fish used to be my favorite! Such cute photos of your kids!

  8. These are great!!!! I now have a couple new ones to look into--which I LOVE. We are a book loving family, too. My son is pretty much obsessed with "Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site" & my daughter loves the "llama llama" & "Pete the Cat" books. I also need to get "where the sidewalk ends" because I think they would love those poems. :)

  9. You HAVE to buy Grandma Bendy for them- it is so cool!
    CBC has bought me the coolest Oliver Jeffers kids picture book for my birthday- I cannot wait to share it on my blog!!!
    I love the books you shared and would gladly read them. Perhaps the happiest part of my teacher training was the task that you had to read and review children's books throughout the course. I did this enthusiastically and happily and I was the smug one who had a full portfolio of reviews at the end when everyone was pancking about the fact they hadn't read anything!xx

  10. Oh, I love picture books. I wish my kids were still little to appreciate them. I love all of the different pictures with Mimi and Ben. How precious!

  11. aw this is great. I can't wait to share favorite childhood books with my little one. It's so interesting to me since I haven't thought about kids' books...well, since I was a kid! So it's so nostalgic to look back at them and know I can now share with them soon! =)

  12. So wonderful to see budding bookworms in action! I have fond memories of Richard Scarry's "Please and Thank You Book" ... my mom used to refer to Pig Will and Pig Won't all the time. :) I teach fourth grade, and one of my favorites to start the year with is "Tacky the Penguin," because its theme is that differences can be wonderful.

  13. Awwwwww this really warms my heart!!! It is so good that your kids love books! I get so sad when I see all these kiddies with ipads and PHONES!
    Oh the places you'll go by Dr Seuss is an amazing book!! I am in my mid-twenties and still buy it as gifts for friends!! It is just such a special book.

    New follower on GFC! Hope you follow back and keep in touch xxx

  14. The Giving Tree is a definite favorite in my classroom, and I remember that The Rainbow Fish was a huge hit when I worked at a daycare!

  15. The Giving Tree is a definite favorite in my classroom, and I remember that The Rainbow Fish was a huge hit when I worked at a daycare!

  16. Thanks for all these great ideas--I can't wait to read more books with Jona as he gets older. We read together every day, but his patience wears thin pretty easily. But I grew up surrounded by books too, and I love reading SO SO much, I really hope Jona will too.

  17. Ohhh we own a lot of those books and I too am a lover of books....what fun photos!!!

  18. Thanks so very much for sharing this. I need to get some nice Children's books for Vivian (in English). Your kids certainly look adorable and so interested in the books, also. Great photos. =))

  19. I will have to remember these for when my little gets to your littles' ages!