Monday, February 23, 2015

inspiration monday: 41

the inspiration
Rachel Bilson
megan bird

jeans, boots, t-shirt, belt ~ thrifted
sweater ~ b. (a resale shop)
necklace ~ Tess + Tricia, gifted, Forever 21

nora bird

jacket ~ Fashionologie
shirt ~ TJ Maxx
jeans ~ thrifted
boots ~ Shoedazzle
necklace ~ gift from Mother-in-law
Things I have learned in my 41 years of life:
~ Enjoy at least one thing from every day. Even if it's just your morning coffee.
~ Try to enjoy more than one thing.
~ Care what other people think, but not enough to let it change who you are.
~ Always say I love you.
~ Even if you're mad.
~ Repeat someone's name when you first meet them. It's helps you remember.
~ Treat your skin kindly.
~ Support people. No good comes from trying to bring others down.
~ Always give compliments when you think of them.
~ Take time for yourself.
~ Don't feel guilty about that.
~ Eat healthy food.
~ But don't feel guilty if you cheat.
~ Don't compare yourself to others.
~ Be happy with what you have, and not unhappy with what you don't have.
~ Splurge every once in a while.
~ Treat the earth kindly. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
~ Spend more on healthy food.
~ Always take your makeup off before you go to bed.
~ Drink at least two large glasses of water before bed after drinking.
~ Love yourself for who you are, what you look like, and how you act, even if some days you hate all of it.
~ Don't let that stop you from always trying to be better.

Thank you all for my birthday wishes! I had a fabulous day.
Love to you all!
megan bird

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  1. You two look amazing, as always! And what great advice!

  2. You two look amazing, as always! And what great advice!

  3. I adore these sage thoughts; especially: care what others think, but not enough to change who you are. That so resonates with me! Loving the style renditions. Thanks for hosting this link up soiree! T.

  4. Such beautiful words of wisdom, I hope to be able to live by those things. Glad you enjoyed your birthday Megan! Love both of your looks--the texture of that jacket is so fun Megan and Nora that jacket is awesome!! As is your hair :)

  5. Those are all really good pieces of advice - the water thing is definitely something I learned in college and still do to this day, it always helps after drinking! I hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday Megan! And I love both of these looks ladies - and Nora your hair looks amazing!

  6. That is a good list : ) LOVE the new hairdo!


  7. Hope it was a fabulous day! Love your list of things you've learned. :)

  8. Glad you had a lovely birthday. Some good advice here!
    Looking fab x

  9. Glad you had a great birthday.

    P.S. My blog has move to

  10. Aw this is a great list! I am glad that you had a great birthday. I am so horrible with names (and somehow worse with faces . . .) that I am definitely going to try to trick.

  11. You both look super adorable! I need to invest in wide-leg jeans now! This was really a great list, I agree with everything on it :)

  12. I love the way you ladies interpret the inspirations! Nora, did you get a haircut?
    I could never pull off the wide leg look or I would look like an oompa loompa. 4ft 10 can only do so

  13. Where did your hair come from Nora? I love your bob but HOW, when? I'm sure your hair was SHORTER before!!! Loving that jacket Nora, such a pretty colour! Love the fact you are both wearing big jeans!!! As in wide legged! Cool!
    Ha, yes, you tricked me into joining in,not! Sorry I've been a bit rubbish about it, I am not really good with jeans/denim looks or super casual ones as I don't have the ease and sophistication for such coollooks, I just look scruffy and creased! But I tried!x

  14. You guys always do such a great job at your interpretations. What a beautiful list, I totally agree with the glasses of water after a night of drinking. The days of no hang overs are long gone for me.

  15. Great words of wisdom... and by the by: the two of you always outshine your inspirations!

    (Pssst, I'd love to see you do a 'turn back time' inspiration with Diane Keaton from her Annie Hall days as the inspiration, you'd do it so well!)

  16. OH gosh I missed your birthday, Norah! Belated wishes of happiness to you! Your list of things learned is a good one and I spent a few decades learning many of those myself. You both look adorable as always and I agree with Jacqueline above, you easily outshine your inspirations. I love flares and bell bottoms but prefer them higher waisted than they have been in the past few years. I'm looking forward to seeing that trend trickle down to the lower end jeans that are available to me. xoxo

  17. love the flares on both of you! I'm kind of into the whole flare trend coming back, I always liked them. And great words of wisdom, I especially like the second from last one we all have those days and it's a great reminder that self love/care is important.

  18. again, the happiest of birthdays to you!! love your advice!! all of it.