Friday, February 13, 2015

bird.i.y.: homemade valentine's gifts

Sorry guys, I kind of forgot I had to post today. So calling this post a DIY is really sort of a lie. I mean, I did make all of these items myself. I did "do it myself"...but I will not be including any how-tos because as you will see by the pictures, it's pretty self explanatory.
What I will tell you is that every year, Chris and the kids and I make each other our Valentine's gifts. The rule is no store-bought gifts. No flowers, no chocolates, and no diamonds. (I mean, I guess I wouldn't be too mad if Chris broke the rules every once in a while.) And every year, I love my gifts to no end.
This year, I decided to make the kids these cute little chalkboards. I wrote "I love you because _________" in permanent chalk marker, and plan on filling in a new item every day. They are tiny, and I will hang them from their bedroom doorknobs while they're sleeping so they can wake up to their very first "because" on Valentine's Day.
For Chris, I decided to make him (and myself) a t-shirt. Our first dance at our wedding was "Good Hearted Woman" by Willie Nelson. So, it's very apropos that I made us these shirts. I think you can tell which is his and which is mine...
And that's it. These are my gifts. I'll add homemade cards, and calzones shaped like hearts for dinner. Sounds like a perfect Valentine's Day to me!
How do you celebrate!
love to you all!
megan bird
For other gifts I have given Chris in the past click here and here .


  1. Mostly we don't celebrate Valentine's... and if we do, it's with a special dinner at home, long talks, and foot massages.
    Guess that would (mostly) qualify as handmade?

  2. Love what you giving your family for v-day

  3. i love that!! i just had to look up that song. happy valentine's day weekend!! :))

  4. How nice! The idea is great. Everyone should do this.

  5. I love these ideas. I need to make my husband a t-shirt.


  6. sounds pretty perfect to me too!

  7. I love the idea of making gifts - I am totally going to start doing that when Ollie is just a little bit older. Actually if I have time I'm going to do a DIY with him for his grandparents but I'll have to see if I can make it work. Your shirts are cute and I love the chalkboard idea too!

  8. Love the homemade gift idea. These are all cute and creative!

  9. Megan that indeed sounds like perfect Valentine's Day. These are such a lovely gift ideas. Wishing You and your Family Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  10. When you told me earlier in the week that you do homemade gifts it totally inspired me. We are starting this next year. :) This year was already done (for kids) & since the husband & I don't typically do anything I figured I'd give him a little notice--a year should do it. :)

  11. Wow, that is so thoughtful!! And so romantic. I love how you got the whole family involved.
    When my daughter was small she always made me home made cards, and that was the best!
    xx, Elle
    enjoy those calzones!

  12. love the tee idea!! very thoughtful, too!

  13. i'm glad you 'forgot' to post so you could share these DIY gifts with us -- i love love the idea of having a holiday that's just homemade gifting, and the little chalkboards are so sweet. hopefully i'll remember when my kids are older <3

  14. Oh Megan, your chalkboard idea is just wonderful! I really like this idea. You could do something like this for "Something that made me smile today is...." to focus your mind on something positive each day!x