Wednesday, February 18, 2015

bird.i.y.: hanging crystal chandelier

I have been wanting to make this chandelier since last November. I was at a cute little sale near my house and I saw a similar one and had to have it. I tippy toed to check the price, and lo and behold, it was $164. Yes, someone worked very hard to make it so beautiful, but being me, I decided that I could be the one to work hard to make it so beautiful. So I did.

If you want to be the one to make it so beautiful, here's what you'll need.

one lamp shade (I thrifted mine for $1.99)
one package of beaded strands (I bought mine on Ebay for $7.99)
six hanging crystals (or as many as you'd like) (I bought mine for $4.50)
one hanging lamp cord (I thrifted mine for $1.50)
hot glue gun
scissors (not pictured)

And here's what you do:

1. Go to bed because this is where you always make crafts (optional).
1.a. Pour yourself a glass of wine (also optional).
2. Tear fabric from lamp shade.

3. Glue lamp cord to the shade. This isn't necessary, as the weight of the shade will hold it in place. I just wanted to make sure it was level.

4. Decide on the length you want your beaded strands and cut to size. Hot glue them at the seams of the lamp shade (top and bottom).

5. Hot glue a strand of beads around the base and top of the lamp shade. I also glued a strand around the section of the lamp cord that you twist the bulb into (not pictured).

6. Hang lamp and try like hell to capture a good picture to show how truly beautiful it is.

7. Fail miserably at taking said picture.

8. At least get a picture of the cute stuff around the beautiful chandelier.

9. Turn off the lights and get an eery picture of the chandelier in the dark.

Easy enough, right? Especially considering you can skip steps 7-9!
megan bird


  1. This turned out great! What a pretty addition to your home!

  2. This turned out great! What a pretty addition to your home!

  3. What a beautiful piece, and that last photo is stunning!

  4. I abosolutely love this!! I was also planning to make the same thing for my family room!! Thanks for the How To! xo Tammy

  5. Now THIS is brilliant! Well done to you- a beautiful idea. I remember being really happy as a child because I found a WHOLE bag of hanging crystals from a dismantled chandlier in a charity shop. I bought them and did lovely things with them!x

  6. I love how it turned out! I think it's really cute! And I love that you craft in bed with a glass of wine. I am pretty sure if I started with those steps though I would never get through the crafting portion, lol.

  7. Ha ha! I always love your descriptions of how your made your DIY.

    This is a great idea. I could have used this idea for my office.


  8. i LOVE that!!! and can't take awesome pictures of things I make ever!!!

  9. What a fun Idea. I have chandelier in every room in my house.

  10. This is so cute! And your step by step directions--esp 7-9--are fantastic. ;)

  11. Gorgoues job! I love it, I am such a fan of eclectic pieces and adore lighting!
    hat one can do with a glue gun and a bit of imagination.
    There is a certain bulb you can buy, too, that would look awesome wiht this, but I think it is $$$,it is on restoration hardware and looks like an old fashioned bulb with the filaments exposed.
    just a thought!
    Loved this!
    xx, Elle

  12. Well I'm definitely with you on steps 1 and 2! No, seriously, I love this! I wanted to hang a chandelier in our dining room and never did find one that I liked--I never thought of making one! So impressed by your craftiness!

  13. i love crystal chandeliers. i actually bought one years ago but have been too lazy to put it up! thanks for the motivation!

  14. Ha! Nos 1 and 1a made me chuckle! It's really lovely. Very elegant and sits in the corner beautifully. You know I thought that you could spray paint the frame in turquoise or fuchsia to funky it up - although it is super pretty just as it is.
    Love your crafty posts