Wednesday, February 11, 2015

baby bird.i.y.: preschool valentines

Mimi has a Valentine's Day party at school tomorrow and her teacher requested that all of the kids bring homemade Valentines for their classmates. Last week, Kezzie posted some really great homemade Valentine card ideas. I especially loved the dot-to-dot card idea and thought that would be a fun one to do for Mimi's party. I soon realized, though, that I am far too much of a stickler for perfection when it comes to making a dot-to-dot and it was, perhaps, not great for my sanity to try making one (or sixteen!) with my 4-year old. Instead, I dug through our crafting cabinet and pulled out some bits and pieces and odds and ends and we came up with a new idea. Mimi really did most of the work for these Valentines and she was very proud of the final product. I know she is so excited to share them with her classmates!

What we used:
~ pink and purple cardstock
~ jumbo wooden craft sticks
~ craft pom poms
~ googley eyes
~ heart stickers
~ glue (not pictured)

We began by cutting hearts from the cardstock. We needed to make 16 Valentines, so we cut out 32 hearts. I wrote "Happy Valentine's Day" on half of the hearts and Mimi wrote her name on the other half. Then we glued the hearts to the sticks to create the wings of our butterflies. From there, I let Mimi decorate each butterfly with the pom poms and heart stickers and glue on their eyes.

(these were made over the course of two days, hence the wardrobe change...)

When she was satisfied with her final product, we simply allowed the glue to dry and they were ready to go!

As I mentioned and, as you can tell from that face, she is very proud of her Valentines!

Do you have plans for Valentine's Day?

xoxo, nora bird


  1. her card try out great. Right now we have plan to go out to dinner on Valentine day but that might change. Due to a major bridge is falling down. Which is making traffic super bad.

  2. Aww... so cute! I love when children make valentines and share them.

  3. Soooo Cute! I love the fact that the teacher wanted homemade valentines! My kids are in 5th and 3rd and so many years we just grabbed the store bought valentines, threw on some names and called it a day! My 11 year old daughter just made hand made valentines for each of her classmates last night and it was very sweet:)

  4. They turned out so cute!! I love this idea - and she looks so proud of herself too! I hope her classmates love them too!

    My Valentine's plans are to go to your styling workshop during the day and then grabbing dinner with Nate at this cute little Italian place in Northeast while my parents watch Ollie. :)

  5. This is super adorable! I love how proud she looks in these photos too!

  6. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, they are so cute! What a super idea!!!! They look really good! Yes, I imagine that your patience would have been sorely tested with 16 dot to dots!x

  7. Super cute! No big plans here - just dinner with the kiddos!

  8. Awwww, those are absolutely adorable!!!

  9. Those are so cute!! I just had a small panic attack because I feel like I need to bring Valentines to Jona's daycare. I have nothing planned. I hope I'm better at remembering this stuff when he's older!!

  10. i like that they bring non-sugary valentines. super cute!!

  11. Those are so sweet. As is your Mimi! I miss doing fun things like that with small children. I want to come over and hang out at your place and do crafts! xo

  12. As you already know from Instagram, you totally inspired me. Love these. :)