Tuesday, January 6, 2015

outfit of the day(bird): nine-year old humor

t-shirt, jeans, boots, bracelet ~ thrifted
necklace ~ gift from sister
hat ~ TJ Maxx
Our kids got iPads for Christmas from their grandma and grandpa. They were over the moon about it...until we told them all of the restrictions we were going to put on them. OK, they were still over the moon, but just a smidge less than normal. We allowed them each to choose five apps they wanted to download (with our approval), and it was fun to see what they chose. Some were obvious, like minecraft for Henry, and fashion design for Eva. But then one I laughed at the most was the fart-noise making app that they both chose. All Christmas day, we got to listen to the hilarious sounds of different toots and gasses coming from their iPads, followed by giggling. I'll admit, that even I giggled at a few (you know, the ones that sounds a little like when you slowly let air out of a balloon by stretching the opening tight) (don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about).
To make matters worse, they also now have FaceTime texting capabilities, and their adult mom is now happily texting the little poo emoji to them at random times during the day. I guess we all know where they get their sense of humor from!
megan bird


  1. LOL I need to look up that app.


  2. Your 9-year old is a smart one. My almost-2-year old loves our iPad. I am loing this Boho-Rocker look on you. Great hat Nora. =)

  3. lol, They sure come up with some crazy apps

  4. Ha! That is pretty funny - I'm guessing my husband would find that app hilarious too. Love this look, especially the hat!

  5. LOL Aw yes, I am familiar with that app as I also have a 9 year old boy. My daughter got a robot puppy toy for Christmas and it randomly farts! It's so strange!

  6. Haha that is adorable and hilarious! And ack how you are outside in a t-shirt! I mean, you look fantastic, but brrrrr!

  7. Love everything about that outfit!! I agree that the app choices are always good to see and compare!

  8. that necklace is gorgeous - i scrolled down happily hoping to find out where to buy it, only to learn that it's a gift from your sister (another reason to want to join your family)