Tuesday, January 13, 2015

outfit of the day(bird): love bird

sweater~ Dry Goods
jeans~ Levis
boots~ Shoe Dazzle
hat~ H&M

Things I am loving this week:
~ Quiet celebrations. Yesterday was Jim's 39th birthday. We celebrated by ordering pizza and desserts from our favorite neighborhood pizza spot and spending a quiet evening at home, drinking tea, watching tv, and snuggling. Pretty perfect, if you ask me.
~ The extra snuggles that come with sick kiddos. Although, I would trade the snuggles for healthy kids, of course!
~ Staying in jammies and slippers all day long.
~ Award season! Really, I just love watching the red carpet coverage and seeing what the celebs are wearing!
~ The Bachelor. I know. I'm sorry. I can't help it! It's so bad that it's good.
~ Fleece lined leggings and that hat up there. Two things I have been wearing constantly during these frigid days!
~ French press coffee.
~ Date's with my girlfriends. I had one this past weekend and another coming up this weekend. So excited!

What are you loving lately?

xoxo, nora bird


  1. You always look so pretty. I envy your ability to do that. Glad life is good for you. I had a great time yesterday when a blogger-friend visited from Canada.

  2. I love stay in my pj's. I hope the kiddo's feel better soon

  3. I love my Pj's too! Also the fireplace and lots of layers this time of year! You look adorable, by the way:)


  4. Fleece lined leggings are pretty awesome this time of year. I'm also loving your cute outfit!!

  5. You look cozy and comfy, the only way to dress on these crazy cold days!! I love that hat. And hey, I love girlfriend dates too and I also have one to look forward to this weekend, coincidence? ;) hehe. Can't wait to see you. Hope the kids are feeling better!

  6. I LOVE this sweater : )

    Sounds like a lovely quiet birthday although I hope the kiddos are feeling better soon. Seems like everyone is sick right now.

    I just had a blogger meet-up yesterday in NYC with Ally. It was great!


  7. You look so cute! I love this sweater, and I hope you are staying warm!

  8. Aw I hope your kiddos get better soon! That nasty stuff is going around everywhere! I love your hat and I can see why you've been living in it. And I think that sounds like the perfect way to spend some time on a birthday if you ask me!

  9. I feel like we live parallel lives sometimes! Our husbands are even the same age and their birthdays are a few weeks apart. And YES to The Bachelor. I skipped a few seasons because the leads didn't interest me. This season still has too many contestants though, I cannot keep track of who's who in a sea of fake lashes and hair extensions!

  10. What a fun outfit and Happy Birthday to Jim! So sorry the kids are not well.

    I am loving track style pants that I can wear like pjs and no one is the wiser because I dress them up! Shh!!

  11. Rawr! You are so adorable. You always manage to look great in things I am sure would make me look really silly. I can't even do red lips and confidence! I agree with you that cuddles and french press coffee and dates with girlfriends are among the best things. I have a great lack of cuddles in my life now, no more adorable little students and my baby all grown into an adult. At least I have so many memories of them. xoxo

  12. i just love the look of tall boots + denim!! having a sick kiddo right now, i'm loving the cuddles, too. plus how they may randomly wake up in the middle of the night, dazed, speaking all sorts of funny things.

  13. I LOVE that sweater so much! I also love awards season (obviously) and am obsessed with what Emma Stone wore to the Globes!

  14. That hat! I love it. And the kitty sweater is pretty awesome too.

  15. The hat and sweater are TDF! And, I adore the fact you are wearing white jeans in the winter (I do this, too!)! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  16. So many fun things! The birthday celebration sounds perfect, and extra snuggles are always a good thing. But I do hope your little ones are feeling better! I love that cute funky sweater and hat!

  17. That does sound like the perfect birthday! Also, I'm thinking I pretty much need some fleece-lined leggings!


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  19. I love that sweater! I would look at that & think "I could never wear that..." but you do & totally rock it. You (& Megan) really do make me want to be braver. :)

  20. love the very cool sweater, and I dont know dry goods, but I am going to google that. Love the white jeans, hat and boots, so I guess i am a fan of everything from head to toe.
    Sounds like a perfect birthday, quiet is wonderful!
    I know what you mean about sick kids, breaks your heart a little, but OH! Those extra hugs!!
    Decades later I remember them like they were yesterday!
    xx, Elle