Thursday, January 15, 2015

outfit of the day(bird): little facts

jeans, tee ~ thrifted
shoes ~ Shoedazzle
hat ~ TJ Maxx
~ I am an ordained minister. And by that, I mean I signed up online, paid a fee, and registered with the State of Minnesota.

~ I married my little sister and her husband.
~ Not in a sister wives sort of way.
~ Every weekday morning, I drink a green smoothie for breakfast.
~ My Magic Bullet blender was one of my best kitchen buys.

~ But I still really want a Vitamix.

~ I am a horrible sleeper.

~ But I won’t take any sleep meds because I’m worried my kids will need me in the night.

~ Sometimes they do.

~ That makes me happy.

~ In another life, I would style the sets and wardrobe on music videos.

~ And somehow, I’d also be discovered as a singer.

~ In another life, I have a fabulous singing voice.

~ For now I’ll stick with bad karaoke!

megan bird


  1. I love my Vitamix.

    "not in a sister wives way" ha ha.


  2. you to cute. love you random things about you

  3. Your writing is so amusing. Comic, real and smart. Then, on top of all that, you always wear the coolest shoes. Sometimes I want to overdose on Meganosity.

  4. Love this - from the outfit to all the random facts! Laughing at the "not in a sister wives" way. And I too kind of like it when my son needs me at night, even if it means I don't always get a ton of sleep. It's nice to feel needed and be the one that can comfort.

  5. You crack me up. And I'm a horrible sleeper too - but I'm with ya on the sleep meds! Besides wanting to be there for the kiddos, I hate the way I wake up so groggy the next day!

  6. AH this is so good. I love reading your facts :) Also, this t-shirt, YES! Nerds all the way, high five to that!

  7. I have always wanted to have a good singing voice . . . but that will never happen! LOL I love your shirt!

  8. You are hilarious!!!! I'm loving the groovy hat vibe too! ANd thanks for the very nice comments, both of you on my music post!!!!x

  9. First of all your shoes!! Love. And this post cracked me up. Especially the "sister wives" part, I was literally LOL-ing (or really L-ingOL). #toooldforthat

  10. Love this! That shirt is the best! We're all nerds in our own way! I'm a horrible sleeper too, but I try not to take meds unless I really need to, so I don't take any sleeping aids.

  11. Me as well--a nerd to the core. I imbibe in a green smoothie daily, too. :) Love these pics! T. Great eyewear, and your niece, Morgan is a doll! T.

  12. Love that shirt! I'm with ya on the bad sleeping & no meds. Partly due to my kids & partly bc I hate how I feel the next morning. And I seriously love your writing style here--so funny. "Not in a sister wives way" HA!!!

  13. Megan, you are so wonderfully unique! I love your humour, like Suzanne, i did like your sister wife reference.. Love that your married your sis, love your nerd tee, although it seems you are anything but nerdy, although Nerdy is very cool these days.
    I can see you as a stylist in you new life, dont give up in that, just put in on the back burner, for when you little ones grow.
    Yes, sleeping when mothering young ones..i remember that,
    it was difficult and miraculous, too. Nothing like soothing a little one.
    xx, elle

  14. Sister wife - ha ha. You are funny. Love the facts and LOVE the nerd t shirt.