Wednesday, January 21, 2015

bird.i.y.: all natural face wash

Do you ever wish you had actually listened to your parents at 15? Like really listened to all of what you thought was minutia, but really was brilliant? Because trust me, as a parent now, I know that everything I tell my kids is brilliant. (right?) Parents speak from experience, but kids think they know everything. It’s a hard combination.

One of the things I wish I had listened about was my skincare. Sure, it’s a small detail….if I’m being honest, I wish I would have listened to everything my parents told me. But then I guess I’d have had the easiest childhood in the world, and I’d be an insufferable ass right now. So let’s just stick with skincare for now.

For the most part, I come from good genes. Anyone who has met my parents knows this. Both my mom and dad look at least 20 years younger than they actually are, and I’m not exaggerating (check here for yourselves). So genetically I have good skin. I am also a vegetarian for 25+ years, which many people will say attributes to good skin. But honestly, what I have found has been the best thing for my skin has been the all natural route I have been taking the past two years.

I have stopped buying most skincare products, and instead have made my own, or just used plain oils on my face (some favorites are coconut, almond, jojoba, and rosehip seed). At night, I slather a generous amount of raw organic shea butter on my face. Up until last week, I was still using a store bought face soap, but I vowed to myself that once that was gone, I’d make my own. And that is the recipe I am sharing with you today. It’s so easy, and so fabulous.
All you need is:
~ 10 raw almonds
~ 1 tablespoon uncooked rice (brown or white)
~ 1 tablespoon powdered milk (any fat content will do)
~ jojoba oil (or any oil of your choosing)
Blend together the almonds and rice in a coffee grinder, or some sort of appliance that will grind them to a powder. Add the powdered milk and mix together. Store this in an airtight, waterproof container. When it’s time to wash your face, add about a teaspoon to the palm of your hand, and squirt enough jojoba oil to the mixture to make a watery paste.

Wash your face as you normally do.
I have been using it for about a week now, and love it. Not only does it smell fabulous, but it leaves my skin feeling soft, looking more radiant than it ever has recently, and I even dared to go to work yesterday with not a stitch of makeup on. None, nada, zip. 

And no one spit their coffee out when they saw me!

megan bird


  1. love it! sounds like my kinda jam!!

  2. Hmmmm. Think I'll have to give this a try!

  3. hi dear, i want to try it
    thanks for sharing

  4. Wow, you look GLOWING! Sounds like I definitely need to try this!

  5. You do have pretty amazing skin, I have to admit I'm jealous! I'm trying to do more natural skin care, I use a lot of stuff from an online shop that makes their own products and I do like the results! Someday I might try making my own though too!

  6. ...and no one spit out their coffee when they saw me... I almost spit out my coffee when I read that. :) I always wish I had listened to my mom more growing up. And of course that my kids would listen to me more now... ;)

  7. Wow, that's awesome!! I also loved the spit coffee line, it made me laugh a little loudly and then look like a crazed loon at the library!

  8. You are beautiful !!! I love the idea- I like natural products!x

  9. oh wow! so simple and this would definitely work with my allergy. Thanks!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  10. You have beautiful skin and look like you are in your 20s (really!)! Did you have any acne/pimple problems when you were younger? I had a little bit when I was younger, but now I am really lucky and my skin does really well for over 40. I don't use any anti-aging product - just Cetaphil and a little bit of a Neutrogena lotion. I truly believe it's my Scandinavian genes and all of that avoiding the sun (which isn't hard growing up in the UP of Michigan). I'd love to use more natural products, but I am too lazy!

  11. I saw the photo of your parents on Instagram and they are indeed a beautiful couple! Like you, my mother tried to teach me young about skincare. Sadly, I didn't listen as closely as I should have. I'm trying to make up for lost time now, though. This facial scrub sounds fab! T.

  12. Wow, you do have fabulous skin!! I may have to try that. While I don't have terrible skin problems, this time of year especially it feels so dry and blah. Going to have to pin this one!

  13. Megan.
    it is so true, our parents did have it right. You do have good genes, and I am sure being vegan has helped you, and the planet. I eat very little meat, but also have good genes. One of my tricks is just to wash with a washcloth, it exfoliates well, my grandmas advice, she would be about 135 years old now, and it still works.
    I think many people do not realize that what they put on their skin gets absorbed into their bloodstream, no natural is the way to go. No i have to go get a little bean grinder, its been on my list anyway,
    XX, elle
    thanks for sharing this

  14. Love this! I'll definitely have to try it- I'm using rosewater as a toner and made my own facial oil as well. Great blog- thanks for the tip!