Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Resolutions

Happy New Year all!!! It's been a great year so far, filled with lots of friends, family, food, drinks, fun, sledding, footballing, organizing, cleaning, more food, more drinks, and I even made my bed. So far so good for January 2! We hope to fill that gratitude jar (pictured above) to the rim again this year!

I don't always make resolutions on New Years. Of course it's always a great time to reassess and start clean, but I like to think that every day offers that possibility...not just January 1. However, every New Year's Eve,  Chris and I like to talk about things we would like to change in the upcoming year. Here are a few things I would like for 2015:

~ More patience
~ More family outings
~ More fearlessness when it comes to my career (and just life in general)
~ Less spending
~ But more fun
~ Organization
~ More reading
~ To be able to do at least five pull-ups by year's end

I think I can do all of these things....we'll see about the pull-ups.

How about you? Do you make resolutions?

Happy New Year!!
megan bird


  1. Good Luck with your goal. One of mine is not to clothes shop for the whole year.

  2. Great resolutions! Mine is not so much a resolution but a motto to live by: Simplify.

  3. These are great. I can't wait to read about how your year is going with accomplishing these goals--specifically the pull ups. ;)

  4. Great resolutions! I hope to have more patience too actually. And more fun with less spending always seems like a great idea!

  5. Overcoming fear is huge for all of us. It's what holds us back from thrills and joy. Good luck with your resolutions.

  6. Ooh - fear is a good one. I haven't set my goals yet, but our plan is to sit down tonight as a family and do it!

  7. I'm so with you on the reading!! Since Ollie has been born I tend to zone out to the TV when he's in bed and I really want to change that since I have three books I recently received as gifts sitting and waiting to be read!!

  8. I haven't done resolutions in years but I did make some for 2015. The pull-ups one is great, I don't think I've EVER been able to do one!

  9. Happy new year! I'm pondering my resolutions, but spending less and doing more will definitely be in there :)
    So tempted to do a memory jar this year x

  10. i used to, but why are they so darn hard to stick with, lol?! i definitely want to have more family outings and try new things. this was something i did a few years back (try something new every month) but it's tough! good luck with yours!

  11. What a great resolutions. Happy New Year, cheers to 2015!

  12. I like the more fearlessness goal! I may steal that. Happy New Year to you both and your families!

  13. I like your short but meaningful list. Good luck with those pull ups and please show them off on the blog some day! May this year bring all the best for you and your wonderful family. xoxo

  14. sounds like the perfect list, maybe i wll copy it and just replace sit ups (20) with the pull ups!
    In deference to my neck...
    Practicing kindness is a big one for me!

    great post!\
    xx, elle

  15. Great goals!! I love the more fearlessness one! I need to work on that too!