Friday, December 5, 2014

mama bird: the most random post ever

I wasn't quite prepared for what I was going to post today. Okay, I wasn't prepared with anything at all, so you are getting the most random post ever. I will share one funny story, one adorable video of Ben singing "The Rainbow Song", and some pretty cute photos of Mimi doing yoga. She always asks to do her yoga workout whenever I vacuum the living room because all of the furniture is cleared out of the way and she has tons of space. If you're in the market for a great yoga series for kids, this is the yoga DVD we have and she loves it! Ben has done it with her, too, and he also has lots of fun.

Okay, first the story...
Yesterday, Mimi was in her room getting dressed and walked out holding something while laughing hysterically. Then this conversation happened:
Mimi: Mom! Look at these undies I found in my drawer. They are SO HUGE! Look at them! Enormous! Why would underwear THIS LARGE ever be in my drawer?!! *hiccuping with laughter*
Me: Oops, I must have accidentally put those in your drawer. Those are mine. And they are NOT that huge.
Mimi: *still laughing* So huge. Those are the biggest undies I've ever seen.
TMI? Maybe. Also, I promise you my undies are not that big.
Now Ben:
 This was right before bedtime and he was clearly quite slap happy. Also, quite adorable.

And now Mimi the Yogi:


I hope you all have an amazing Friday and a wonderful weekend!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. adorable babies! i like his version of the rainbow. the 5 yr old told me yesterday she wants to be a yoga teacher/astronaut!

  2. Ha! Now we know you wear HUGE undies!

  3. mimi's yoga is so, so sweet! they have BYOB (bring your own baby) yoga at blooma, and i'm hoping to do that some day. Does she take classes? And on the panties - I remember feeling the very same way when I snuck into my mom's closet and saw her HUGE panties :)

  4. Great pictures of Mimi doing yoga! And Ben is so cute! And I believe you on the undies, oh kids. :)

  5. Mimi is the cutest lil yogi ever!

  6. Awwww what a little sweetie! So cute!

  7. That's hilarious!

  8. That video is the cutest! And so cool that Mimi does yoga. I will have to look into that video for Brielle. She was always bummed that she couldn't come with me to yoga when I was pregnant.

  9. Oh my god. They are so cute. Don't you wish they'd stay little forever??

  10. Oh my gosh so cute! My girls love doing yoga too, thanks for the DVD recommendation I'll have to check it out. Right now they just "freestyle" while I clean which can be pretty entertaining.

  11. I am always telling Kyle that I am never having kids, but your kids always crack me up! I swear, if anything, I am glad that you share these stories. They always are so damn funny!

  12. I love, love, love the video... especially the laughter at the end, best laughs ever!

    Miss Mimi is very impressive doing her yoga; she's better than I am. I fell and rolled, lol. Yup, doing tai chi now.

    Huge panties? They do find the best ways to absolutely skewer our egos, like the time the kidling (age 3) stood up and did a long rant about me being the meanest Momma in the WHOLE world because I wouldn't let her eat the entire bowl of black olives; complete with grand gestures and a pretend swoon ala Gloria Swanson. In the middle of a very popular and crowded restaurant. During the dinner rush. The entire restaurant cracked up, and applauded her when she finished. One man even opined that she would probably be the next Julia Roberts, to which she replied:

    " I am JENNIE, and you are WEIRD."

    Even I had to laugh, red-faced.

  13. Ha ha! This was BRILLIANT!!! Just what I needed : )

    What a cute laugh!

    Thanks for that.

    I could feel myself relax looking at Mimi in the last shot.


  14. she's a yogi alright! got those poses down!!

  15. Love that story! That is classic. Your little yogi is adorable!

  16. Ha ha, the undies!!!!!! Ben is hilariously cute!!! Alas my phone says no to twobirds photos so I will just have to imagine Mimi!! X

  17. You kiddo's a so cute. Funny about the undies. I mix my husband and my sock up all the time. I get a laugh out it ever time.

  18. Haha, I'm dying over the undies comment!


  19. What a couple of cuties, thanks for the laugh about your knickers as well hehehe

  20. This post is too ridiculously adorable. Especially that last photo. I love it that Mimi has taken to yoga at such a young age!


  21. Mimi doing yoga is seriously the best thing I've seen all week. xoxoxoxo