Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Tree: A Comedy of Errors

We decorated the tree last weekend (I know, we waited way too long). It was a comedy of errors that included some crying, some stomping, but mostly laughing. We started with the kids cleaning up the area where the tree would go. Eva was carrying a bottle of nail polish and spilled it all over the stairs. She frantically tried to wipe it up, and only ended up smearing it and drying it to the woodwork. We eventually got it off, but not before she started crying and stomped to her room.

Then Chris made us some bagel sandwiches. He threw in a fried egg for good measure, and when I took a bite of mine, it spilled out and ran down my leg. I changed my pants, we laughed about it, and then Chris took a bite of his, and it promptly spilled all over his shirt. He got up to grab a napkin, and knocked my coffee, spilling it all over the table and my phone. 

We almost decided to just give it up for the day, but instead I decided to coax Eva out of her room and give it all another shot. She cheered up a bit and decided to join us. As she was unpacking ornaments, she found an old favorite of hers, a gift from friends of ours when she was first born. She decided to spin it around in her hand, only to drop it and have it shatter in pieces. Again, she started crying and stomped to her room.

I had to pull out the big guns...Elvis, and Kenny and Dolly. I found my favorite Christmas records from when I was a kid, and played them as loud as I could. 

I told Eva we were going to decorate, and that we'd love for her to join us, but that it was up to her if she wanted to participate. She tentatively came downstairs, and slowly gained momentum as she pulled each ornament out of the box.

We finally got it all decorated and gathered around for the annual picture in front of the tree, We tried for a funny one...

...but you can clearly see that Eva is not completely pleased yet. So we tried again...

...and this time her smile was for real.

Only two more sleeps until Christmas!!! I hope your holidays are happy!
megan bird


  1. And in the end: goodness, happiness, and smiles always win!

  2. lol love your honesty!! we have this idea of a perfect christmas but that's not realy life! that's tv! you just made me feel normal with this post--it's always a comedy of errors at my house.

  3. I honestly think the day families decorate for the holidays ends up being one of the most stressful half the time! Love that you guys ended on a happy note though!

  4. Ha! Glad everyone was able to laugh about it in the end.

    What a wonderful photo. I'm sure you will remember that tree decorating for years to come.

    Happy Christmas!


  5. I heard that "Saturday Night Live" is doing a comedy skit about your family. Only they changed your last name to the Klutzes. :-)

  6. Oh my, that is a comedy of errors! I am glad in the end you got the tree decorated and that last picture is so sweet of all of you!

  7. Oh my goodness!!!! Poor Eva!!!x

  8. Cute family photo's. I always break something when I decorate.

  9. Oh no, don't you just hate it when it's one thing after another!! (And isn't that how it ALWAYS is too?) But it looks like everything ended well--you got some good music, a pretty tree, and an adorable photo!

  10. Oh, you make me laugh. These are the things that make memories...you'll remember this year for years to come! Unless you manage to top it next year...in which case I can't wait to read all about it! ;)

  11. haha, we've had days like these! more than i'd like to admit! great photo of the family! merry christmas!

  12. I'm glad you finally were able to get it up and you all look so happy! Merry Christmas!