Thursday, November 6, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): life at 2

sweater~ TJ Maxx
dress~ Forever 21
tights~ from my sister-in-law
boots~ Shoedazzle
necklace~ gift from mother-in-law

Just for fun, here is a list of things that my 2-year old finds confusing:

~ FaceTime. Jim has been out of town for work all week so we have done a bit of FaceTiming with him. Ben spends most of his time with Daddy way too close to the screen, yelling things like, "Daddy! Look at my mouth! Look at my tongue! Look at my foot!" And then opening his mouth really big, sticking out his tongue, or kicking his feet at the phone. FaceTime well spent.
~ What he did today. We went to the Science Museum on Sunday and, since then, when asked what he did today, Ben cries, "I went to the dinosaur museum!" No, no you didn't.
~ Daylight Saving Time.
~ Soup. He just really doesn't understand soup.
~ The fact that tomatoes are not in fact called potatoes.
~ That when you dip a carrot into hummus you don't just get to lick it off and dip again. Because that's just nasty.
~ That we do not get to pick up and play with centipedes. *shudder*
~ That we do not eat ants.
~ Inside voices vs. outside voices. He has one volume and it's loud.
~ That headbutting someone (namely, me) square in the nose with your enormous noggin really really hurts and is no laughing matter. But yeah, you just keep cracking up over there while I regain consciousness.

Have a great day!
xoxo, nora bird


  1. Okay, that is just a brilliant combination of pattern and colour, love it!
    Oy. do I ever remember the headbutting stage, my nose aches just thinking about it.

  2. Awesome pattern mixing. The whole dipping one rule is even hard for some adults.

  3. That pattern mixing is fab!

    You know they say ants are full of protein. : )


  4. I know this is normal human development but it's still amusing. A two-year old's perspective causes us to stop and reflect on our own. Why shouldn't a carrot be a spoon for shoveling hummus into our mouth?

  5. Oh yay, things to look forward to. LOL I'm kidding, I love the hummus one, that's pretty funny.

    I adore this outfit, I always love that heart sweater on you!

  6. OMG, Ben is cracking me up! Your poor nose! I was hoping that you would feature this outfit in a post when I saw it on Instagram! Seriously, you win at pattern mixing!

  7. All of those are so cute and I love that you can pattern mix, I always feel crazy and never end up leaving the house.

  8. Aw the minds of a toddler! So much fun---except the head butting thing. That is fun for no one. Love those tights!

  9. Ha! He's so cute and funny! Love your mix of patterns. :)

  10. Snigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha, that's so funny (but not at the same time- I've been there with the nose head thing!) What a riot of patterns, I adore it!!x

  11. My 12 year old still doesn't understand the voice volume thing. Really cute list. And look at you with the pattern mixing. It's brilliant and I love it.

  12. This made me laugh...I see that I have lots to look forward to! The soup one especially. That is hilarious! Love this fun mix of prints.

  13. What a great outfit! Love the pattern mixing! T.

  14. lol...yes, indoor/outdoor voices...none of my kids (and nephew especially!!!!) get the concept.

  15. Great mix of prints! I love the boots! :)

  16. Oh Nora, just wait until he is a teenager! LOL ants are quite tasty, I am told. When I was his age I ate woodbugs.
    I love your outfit-the pattern mix is just brilliant! I am very impressed with how you coordinate so well with the houses in the background too. AND loving your hair like this. I am envious as I am aiming for the same thing but due to a much regretted haircut a few months ago, I am a bit behind schedule.