Tuesday, November 4, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): I'm right, you're right

tank ~ Target
scarf ~ from mom
jeans, booties, sweater, hat ~ thrifted

Chris and I sometimes argue. I know...shocking, right? When we do argue, it's never a huge deal, and it's always respectful. However, we are both extremely stubborn, so we always think we're right, and we often find it hard to admit we're wrong. The difference between us is that he is fine with dropping the matter, and getting over it without resolving anything. He forgives and forgets easily...it's a nice trait. I forgive, and I forget, but in order to do so, I need resolution. I need to end the argument...I can't just forget about it without closure.

Last week, we had an argument...it was so trivial, I couldn't even tell you what it was about. We both thought (knew) we were right, and for a couple of days, we were short with each other because we couldn't reach an agreement.

Finally, because I love him so much, I said to him, "Let's call it a draw and make up."

And because he loves me so much, he replied, "OK, let's do it. It's not fair to you, but I'll go with it."

And that is how Chris tells me I am right. And I go with it.
megan bird


  1. Oh man...not me and my husband, although after 23 years we are getting (slightly) better at the whole thing. That is my fault for marrying a guy with French Italian blood. Very passionate, but that also is when they fight.


  2. Love it! My husband is one of those guys that just argues for a few seconds and then admits defeat. Even thought I know I am wrong, I take the win. Hahahha! We just laughs and tries to hug me. It drives me slightly batty, but I wouldn't have it any other way!! I think it's the hot-chile blooded Mexican in me :)

  3. Disagreements are inevitable in all relationships and it's important we learn how to resolve them. It's good, as you say, to remain respectful. Too many people descend into bad behavior which poisons their bond. My attitude is that staying emotionally close is more important than "winning." I will give my partner what she needs, even if she's wrong.

  4. I also need resolution :) Will be keeping this post in mind for the next time :)

  5. It happens to the best of us doesn't it? My husband and I are often stubborn too, we both want to be right! We usually can come to an agreement though!

    I LOVE this look, so cozy and comfy looking, I want to steal that sweater!

  6. You guys are so cute! I love this look, so cozy!

  7. LOL You are like Patrick and I am like Chris. I can totally just let things go and Patrick needs to have a resolution. Yes, we fight about stupid stuff too. He will ALWAYS say I'm right, even if he doesn't think so just so the problem can be "solved" LOL

  8. I love your style! you are so cute :) Feel free and check out my blog apoljakovi.blogspot.com im sure you will love it! :)) xoxo

  9. This is such a cute look. I adore the colors. ha ha me and my husband never argue and no one believes but we seems to agree all the time. When we argue it is not really to a point that it will escalates and I guess we know when not to push each others buttons.We have different opinions on stuff but just love it when he says you are right !!!!


  10. Colour me shocked! The two of you argue? ;-) I'm definitely the one who needs resolution, whilst the Great Scot... being Scottish... is a brooder. Over the years we've learned to step away from an argument when needed and come back to it when we're calm; it's saved us a lot of aggravation.
    Love the colours and shapes of your outfit today, they suit you!

  11. Yeah, Andrew and I are more debaters than arguers too. Usually Google ends up being involved. :)

  12. I need to borrow that sweater!

  13. Haha - too cute! My boyfriend never says "you're right" it's always a "you might be right." Men lol Love your look for fall!


  14. Your guy is such a sweetie. And this outfit is adorable on you!

  15. Lovely pics! That sweater is fabulous! Like you, I need resolution to move forward. My hubby, too, easily forgives + forgets regardless of whether there is resolution or not. I'm actually glad he's not like me in that regard. :) T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  16. Ha! That's funny. My husband and I fight loudly, but quickly. We argue over the stupidest things. I am loving your sweater. It looks so cozy and that's totally what I'm into lately.

  17. haha! Awh, thats so sweet. Mine and Jason's arguments are loud and short. There's no quiet about it. :-) xo Tammy