Thursday, November 20, 2014

flying west

Warning: this post is sure to be rambling and wordy and possibly tear-stained.

I have to start talking about this because I am still in a sort of state of shock. Maybe sharing it here, with all of you, will make it seem more real. I'm not quite sure I want it to seem more real. Maybe I can live in my comfortable bubble of denial a bit longer.

No? You're right. I have to talk about it.

Jim, the kids, and I have made a big decision. We are moving out of our little house, the only home our kids have ever known, away from (most of) our family and friends, out of this beloved state of mine, thousands of miles west, to California.

Yes. Jim got a new job and we are moving. To California.

There. I said it.

It still doesn't seem real.

This will all be happening rather quickly and I am sure I will be sharing more as I know more. We won't actually move until sometime after the New Year. Right now we are in the process of putting our house on the market, which is something I have never done and is extremely overwhelming.

For now I just want to enjoy the holidays and spend as much time as possible with my friends and family.

At some point, I will have to put the blog on the back burner for a while and focus on packing and moving and getting settled in an entirely new city. I won't have all my clothes for outfit posts or crafting supplies for DIYs or food for recipe posts. And I will be super busy. I am not sure when exactly that will happen. Megan and I haven't discussed it much as discussing that means talking about my move and that's hard and sad and scary. It's also very exciting and is sure to be a great adventure. I am not feeling all that excited yet, but I will get there. Jim is excited. He is like a kid in a candy store. He is so excited for this new job and new opportunity in a place full of genius nerds just like him (Silicon Valley). And I am really very proud of him and so happy and excited for him. I just haven't gotten excited for me yet. But I will. It will come. Probably about a month or two after we have landed in California. After the initial shock and after getting settled and finding my own way.

The kids? Well, I don't think they really get it yet. It's hard to explain this to kids who are so young, but we are doing our best. It will certainly be an adjustment for them, but kids adapt much easier than us oldies. I know they will be fine and they will love it out there. I have ordered a few books that I hope will help. Did any of you move as kids?

I have already reached out to some of you, but if anyone has any advice on moving to a new state, moving with kids, anything, I would greatly appreciate it! I know a few of you have been there and hearing your experiences and knowing what I am in for would surely help me in this process.

To all of my MN friends and family, I am going to miss you all so much. But this will always be home base. My family is here and we will be back often to visit. I hope to see as many of you as I can before I make the move!

My little snow birds are going to miss that.

But that's pretty darn great, too.

Thanks for listening and letting me put all of this out there!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. I'm so excited for you! It's huge and it's going to be overwhelming at times but you'll get through it. Sending lots of supportive vibes your way!

  2. It will be amazing for you but I imagine, emotional and busy until then. You are a strong family which surpass any difficulty of distance x

  3. It's big, and scary, and exciting all wrapped up in a big package of 'oh my gosh, what now!'

    Children think in stories and pictures, so giving them information in that form will help a lot. Will you be flying there? Driving a U Haul? Gather pics of your mode of transport; make a story about the things they might see and experience along the way... feature a couple of their favourite toys or books in your stories and make sure they're easily accessible as comfort objects. Perhaps do a vid of family and friends waving 'bye', so it isn't such a shock when it happens for real. And make sure not to colour the moving adventure too 'bright', kids are quick to pick up on the fact that "it won't hurt a bit" kind of talk means it probably will, so include things like "we all really missed Grandma so we gave her a call and made plans for a fun visit soon".
    Really, just keep it fairly low key and realistic, but optimistic; it will all work out.

  4. It will be an exciting new adventure!! California is beautiful and I'm so you will find lots of new activities and friends to make it feel a little bit more like home. Good luck with all the packing and moving and holidays, I know that's a lot on any one plate:)

  5. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!H!!!! I literally squealed when I read this! I am SOOOOOO excited that you're moving (semi)close to me!

    First of all, I understand how scared you are. I remember when we moved from CA to FL I was absolutely terrified and cried for a week straight. It was a temporary move, but I was scared to death. Anyway, long story short, it was so much fun to live somewhere new, meet new people, and be in new surroundings. I think you will really enjoy the change. And congrats to Jim!

    Secondly, OMG YOU ARE MOVING NEAR ME!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to meet up (a lot!) and meet your cute little kiddos. Ok, I'm going now because I sound like a stalker. But I just wanted to assure you that you have at least one excited friend waiting for you :)

  6. nora, my heart goes out to you. i cannot imagine what that feels like. i'm only 5 hours away from family and sometimes it feels like i'm on the other side of the country. but--i love CA. i would live there in a heartbeat. and the kids will handle this like champs. congrats on your new journey and just know i'm here for you!!

  7. Nora, dear... I'm sorry you're scared. Sure, it's scary. All change is. But once you get involved in the process, your fear will dissipate and excitement will replace it. There will be dozens of choices and tasks that are fun and interesting. You'll control those choices and the control will give you emotional security you're missing now. So the good news is it will get better. Of course you're mourning the end of your current life and I deeply sympathize with that pain. Savor the holidays. It's okay to cry.

  8. Wow! Congratulations! I recently moved from Los Angeles to England due to my husbands job! It is scary at first but new adventures are the best thing that can ever happen! Embrace the change and evolve with it. You will love California! I was hesitant to leave LA at first but I am loving England now. New adventures are always so worth it. =)

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  9. It's exciting! Embrace the chaos!

  10. I love California! Scary and wonderful. Wow! Xoxo. I wanna go too.

  11. Congrats on the exciting new adventure you and your family are about to embark on!

  12. Big news! I lived in CA twice as a kid. I moved 10 times before high school so I very much understand being the new kid. We adjust fast as kids :) I remember my mother always making it an adventure. I have many many moving tips up for grabs :)

  13. Wow...crazy big news! I've lived here (in Minnesota) my whole life, so I feel like I can understand how you're feeling. I hope you enjoy every moment you have left here & that the transition is smooth. Once you get there & adjust I bet you're gonna love it! :)

  14. Whaaaaat????? Wow!!! Big news indeed. I can only imagine all the emotions you're going through right now, it's huge! It will be exciting but I'm sure hard too. I am sad to see you leave! I also demand a get together soon too! Congratulations though, it will be an amazing adventure! Much love to you and your family!!

  15. I am so excited for you. I would love to get offered a job in California so I would have an excuse to move. I know it would be scary but its going to be awesome!

  16. Whoa! What a huge move! I know it is a huge adjustment, but you guys are strong and will get through it. I love winter, but come February I am going to be so jealous of your weather. My friend Lauren moved to Oakland, CA almost three years ago, and I am hoping to visit her this year. Silicon Valley is only an hour and 15 minutes away, so maybe we can meet too! I have no idea when this will happen, but it would be cool!

  17. What exciting news!!!! I know it is overwhelming and the thought of not being an arm's length from your family and friends is a little scary, but I KNOW you will make more friends. Your kids will adjust just fine. They will make friends. There is so much to do in California and so much to offer. Not to mention--no more window scraping!!! I know how you're feeling. I moved A LOT as a kid--granted not out of state, but to different cities. And I think it builds character. It makes you more apt to not be so stressed out by meeting new people and it helps you adapt to different situations better. You're a great mom and Jim seems like a great dad. You will do just fine.

  18. This is so big! Congrats to Jim. Coming from someone that has moved a ton of times, it will all be okay. It will. At first, you will be excited/scared and then you settle in and start missing your friends and family. But with today's social media, it is so easy to stay in touch. And think of all of the travel adventures. I always wanted to live in California. And about the kids- mine did fine each time. Your kids are younger which helps. My son (13 now) is very social and makes friends quickly, but this last move was a bit harder for him. It's that middle school friend thing. He struggled the first two months and didn't want to hear "be patient" but we were right. He now has tons of friends and has adjusted just fine Make sure you get in a neighborhood with kids. That makes a huge difference. And I won't lie - making friends as an adult is tough. You just need to get out there, join groups, and be pushy in introducing yourself. That has been really hard for the introvert that I am but I've made some friends. Ironically, I met someone through my blog. Long story short, she followed another blog, clicked on my post through a link-up, realized that we live in the same town, and contacted me through Instagram. So random. You'll get through it!

  19. I'm so jealous! I moved often as a kid. It taught me how to adapt to new situations better and faster. It's hard at first, but you learn so much in the process. I don't envy the packing and moving bit, I've done that so many times and it is a pain in the butt, but at the same time it is a fresh start with endless opportunities. Undoubtably you will miss your family and friends the most, but that is what planes are for.

    You and your family are going to have a great adventure! I'm excited for you.


  20. So exciting!!
    As someone who has moved many times and all over, I will tell you that it is exciting and terrifying at the same time. Wouldn't trade any of the moves though.
    Enjoy you last months with the family!!

  21. Nora,
    I inderstand how you feel. It is so hard to make changes and leave friends and family behind, but remember you ate also going towards something , and it will be good, Congrats to Jim ! I think, hope you can still post... Maybe just take some photos of beautiful california and those adorable children ...

    Honestly that first picture had me in tears, such a beautiful child, dressed like a mini boho model.
    Be prepared for ups and downs.... Moving is stressful. It was difficult Iwhen my kids were small, but they loved our new house... And it quickly became home, and now they are grown up...
    Time flies, be gentle to yourself, and know that a great future lies away, with a few speed bumps, just to keep us awake..
    Xx, Elle

  22. nora! oh my goodness. what a loss to mpls and.. aww, i'm gonna miss your local updates. california is lucky to get you <3

  23. Wow, I can't even imagine how you're feeling. I wish I could offer words of wisdom, but I've never been in that situation before. It sounds like an amazing adventure though and I wish you the BEST of luck on it! Also, I bet your new home will be the vacation destination for your family.

  24. Wow, big news! I can see how it would be exciting, and scary, and sad all at once. It's VERY cool that your husband has this opportunity. And while I know you will miss your current home terribly, it's also an opportunity for new discoveries for you as well!

  25. OMG! What a great opportunity for your family! I know you are nervous, and it will be a huge adjustment and change, but it is also going to be a huge adventure for you!

  26. Holy Moly - how did I miss this post the other day?? That is huge. And I know it won't be easy. But there will be so much good in it too. And the great news is that you probably have a network of CA bloggers you could reach out to for automatic friends in the area!

    And, if you have to move somewhere... California sounds pretty good right about now. Good luck with everything. Can't wait to read about your journey!

  27. I missed this post last week while traveling, but wanted to convey my congrats to you and your family! I've moved several times over the years. The last time, our youngest son was 13, and I was so very worried for him as he loved where he was and was quite popular. Turned out, he was elected to Student Council within weeks of starting his new school (and, I promptly stopped my constant worrying for him). Somehow, it all works out--and for the best. We've stayed here for 12 years now, and it's (by far) my fave place to live. Hugs! T.