Thursday, October 16, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): weird facts

jeans ~ Ross
sweater ~ Alloy
tank ~ Target 
scarf ~ from mom
boots, hat ~ thrifted

A few weird facts about me...
~ I hate odd shaped fruit and veggies. If a carrot looks like it has arms and legs, I won't eat it. Or a baby orange inside of a large orange. Gross.
~ I am the queen of dumb jokes and puns.
~ I pride myself in being quick-witted in coming up with dumb jokes, puns, and comebacks.
~ I can be terribly inappropriate. But I'm still pretty funny.
~ I will wear heels over flats any day.
~ I have very short legs for my height (hence the heels). My sisters make fun of me for this often (in a nice way).
~ I am loud, and love being the center of attention. Unless it's a public speaking role.
~ I'd be a great public speaker if all events were held at bars.

And that's all I can think of for now. I'm sure there's more. Share a fun fact about yourself with me!
megan bird

PS, Nora and I both changed our Instagram names. Check us out if you don't already @meganbirdmork and @norabirdbeyers


  1. loved reading your weird facts! mine is that i have synesthesia--every sound i hear has a color associated with it.

  2. love learning more about you. I thought I was going to have to re-add you guy to IG but IG just left you in my feed but with the new names.

  3. That is funny about the fruit and veg.

    I too have short legs but I loath wearing high heels. Boots with high heels don't bother me as much.

    I have a fear of public speaking even though I've taught seminars and classes, and my husband and I speak French at home every other day.


  4. I love all your knitted goodness you are wearing and your last fact made me laugh out loud! :)

  5. I love reading fun facts! I think the fruit and veggie thing is funny. I get what you mean though, it seems almost un-natural doesn't it? Love your scarf!!

  6. I noticed that you guys changed your names! That is funny about the fruits and veggies! I love all of these layers!

  7. I feel sorry for all the deformed veg and fruit you have just mercilessly called 'gross' in this post. They still taste the same!!!
    I'll bet you are hilarious to be around. X

  8. Public speaking events at bars! Excellent idea. I'd show up at your lectures for sure!!! Adorable Autumny outfit. Girl, you can rock a beanie!

  9. Nothing like a little liquid courage to help the public speaking. You are hilarious. And, I love that hat. I've been looking for one like that.

  10. I have an aversion to socks.... :) ps want the entire outfit.

  11. Ya I would think blogger is easier, since I have the sucker mastered, except for what it was doing last night. Luckily I have a wizard friend that just happened to pop up on IG, so I hopped on the phone and he helped be. But I was too tired to fiddle and riddle more with it last night. sigh, it is sort ok now. Still doing the weird thing but I think I have figured out why and to do the right thing to stop it from happening again.

    Oh I love your post like this kind. Raw, real and simply you! Fact about me: Ucchmm, I have a very lovely singing voice ...and never had one lesson. My parents sang everywhere we went on road trips in Utah and their voices harmonized beautifully. I can't harmonize well but I try, but melody is my forte. ...there. little. known. fact. by ♥, Renae

  12. One, love this cozy outfit! Two, those facts are awesome! I love dumb joke and puns too!

  13. Such a fun post! :) My fun fact is that I can't stand still and brush my teeth. I totally wander around outside of the bathroom while I'm brushing and you can usually find me either watching tv, playing on my phone, or playing around in my closet trying to think of outfits to put together. I've done that since I was a used to drive my parents nuts!

  14. Yeah... Public speaking isn't my bag, either. Love this fab fall look! T.

  15. Hmmmm. An odd fact about me...I am COVERED in tattoos...but you caould never tell looking at me lol.

  16. loved reading this. the fruit and veggie comment is funny. I promise they taste the same. a fact about me is that I used to play the violin. love that outfit. the beanie is adorable on you.i