Thursday, October 23, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): love bird

(That awkward wave to a neighbor while taking outfit photos.)

 shirt~ Target
jeans~ b. (a resale shop)
shoes~ BGBGeneration

Things I am loving this lately:
~ Shopping followed by happy hour with my fellow bird and two other blogger friends (or friends that just happen to be bloggers), Beth and Erin!
~ The two new-to-me pairs of boots I bought last night (even after Erin, ever so subtly, suggested that, perhaps, I might not need two more pairs of boots!)
~ The cutest new-to-me hat I bought last night after Megan tried it on and I told her, if she did not buy it, that I would. And then she gave it to me to buy even though she really did want it!
~ Coffee. I have not been sleeping much at all this week, so coffee has been my best friend in the mornings.
~ I know it's boring to discuss weather, but ours has been seriously amazing here in Minnesota. We have been having a perfect fall! Warm temps and gorgeous colors. I love it and have been savoring every moment.
~We have two Halloween parties coming up this weekend and I am excited to see the kids in their costumes!
~ We are also having family photos taken this weekend. It should be fun and I am excited to see how they turn out!
~ This song. Such a good cover. Billie Joe and Norah sound amazing together (even if she does spell her name incorrectly.) I'm excited to hear more from them. Oh, and this song, too. I'm really loving the entire Hozier album right now.
~ Did I mention coffee???

What are you loving today?

xoxo, nora bird


  1. I'm loving the fact I go to sleep in today. Since my husband had to go it late to work today. Sounds like you have a some fun weekend plans.

  2. Im loving that the sun is shining and that it's Friday tomorrow.

  3. Ha ha! I love your awkward wave to the neighbour!

    Loving lately? The wonderful colour of the leaves on the trees. Not loving? The fact that winter will soon be on its way. We had a bit of that was only 6 but felt more like 0. Today thankfully we will be back up to 16 C and sun.


  4. I hope to see that good weather soon! I notice you tuck in your shirt like the cool kids do. I have to learn that trick. And I don't know if I've ever told you this, Nora, but I love your hair. You always style it so interestingly.

  5. love the awkward wave ;) and that shirt is so cute!

  6. I have a baby, so yeah I pretty much have an IV of coffee at all times. LOL I should work on that . . .

    I have become OBSESSED with Hozier. Take Me to Church has been on repeat on my YouTube for a week now!

  7. I am loving many of those things as well, but I might be biased since I am one of them! It was fun last night and I am glad you bought that hat! It is freaking cute! Coffee has been my friend this week too with dealing with Ollie's cold and my own cold! And I never want this amazing fall to end!

    And before I go I have to. #handpie

  8. Yes Norah Jones should correct the spelling of her name, for sure. Glad to hear that you are so glad Radiation is done. After the last dose, the nurse takes me aside and says now the sunburn will lasts or two weeks still so you will still need the aloe vera, a nap and meds for two more weeks. I was a bit stunned but then I remembered --- well I don't have to go back and make it worse any more. ...So then I was cool with it. And I get a free pedicure, too and a Salon in the Hospital. Cool! I love your shoes in this post Nora, LOVE THEM ~ ~ ~ ♥

  9. LOVE your awkward wave to the neighbor! And I love this outfit. The shoes are perfect with that shirt.

    1. And I'm so excited my comment went through! And I also just went and checked the forecast to see if I could get away with copying your outfit. It's supposed to get up to 36 degrees today, hmmmmm. . . .

  10. Ha, ha the awkward wave! I remember having to do that in the park once with a dog walker! I can't imagine how embarassing with someone I know! The shirt is really pretty and I really like the shoes!
    I LOVE Mimi's suggestion by the way!!! Brilliant that she went totally original on it!x

  11. Oh god, that wave! I've sooooo been there! I love this cute, fall look! It does look so lovely by you!

  12. Ah I looooooooooooooooooooooooooove awkward blog photos!

  13. I'm loving your awkward hand wave, and your absolutely perfect jeans. I am in search of a pair just like that - boyfriendish without too much sag in the backside and on the hips!

  14. Kudos for including the photo of the awkward neighbor wave. I can't wait to see your family pictures - I hope you share. We need to schedule something. It's been at least 4 years since we had ours and the kids look so little compared to now.

  15. loved reading this post and I feel you 100% on the coffee thing. that plaid shirt is beautiful. I want one in a muted neutral like that.