Tuesday, October 21, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): he really loves me!

 sandals ~ Target
necklace ~ Forever 21
rest of outfit ~ thrifted
I have always considered myself a romantic. I go for the big sweeping gestures...movie worthy. You know, the throw your coat over a puddle kind of move (even though the coat would get ruined and my feet would still get wet)...you get the idea, though.
But, since I have been with Chris, I have really come to appreciate the smaller romantic gestures that he does for me on a daily basis. Some might not think they are romantic, because he is not outside my window blaring Peter Gabriel songs, but I really love how he shows me he loves me in small ways. Two examples from last week's vacation:
1. I mentioned yesterday that we played a little game where we each had $5 to spend at the dollar store to see who would come up with the best stuff. Well, part of his $5 was spent on me. You see, I don't sleep well, and he bought me some melatonin. As I was buying lipstick and a scarf for myself, he was spending his cash on me.
2. The very next day, he checked the time of the sunrise, and set his alarm, set up coffee to start brewing early in the morning, and planned a whole little sunrise date up on the roof of my parents' condo. It was chilly and windy, and frankly the sun was hidden behind the clouds, but I had Chris and the kids, and a huge mug of fresh coffee to keep me warm.
We might not have a ton of time for grand romantic gestures these days, but you know what? I love Chris' little ways of showing me he loves me. In fact, I think I even love them more than a sweeping gesture...because it shows that he's thinking of me on a daily basis, and not just a few times a year when you're "supposed" to be romantic.
What's your favorite romantic gesture?
megan bird


  1. My favourite romantic gesture? When, even though my health is cruddy and gets in our way, the Great Scot kisses me and says "You're stuck with me, I'm not going anywhere."
    Love your outfit but it's your smile that really makes it shine!

  2. What a sweet guy! Adorable outfit! Love those shoes!
    Dawn Lucy

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! that's very sweet. It's definitely the little things.

  4. Love this! Real life love. :) Sounds so little and unimportant, but my favorite is when my husband notices my keurig is low on water and fills it for me so that it's ready to go when I get up for the day. The man doesn't even drink coffee, so I always know it's just a little thing he purely does to make the start to my day go a little smoother. :)

  5. This is nice. Real romance exists in little gestures. The acts that tell us someone cares. Often, overblown big moves are calculated and insincere attempts to manipulate, whereas a partner's attentive love is expressed in small ways.

    There is one romantic gesture I do for my wife which she says is the most important thing I give her. On our first anniversary, I bought a fancy journal and wrote about ten pages reflecting on the things we did that year. On every anniversary since then, I take the journal out and add another ten pages on the events of the previous year and how our relationship is going. She reads it, puts my anniversary card in it, and keeps it in a safe place.

  6. Those heels are too cute! And what sweet geustures! Hope you're having a great day!
    xo Hannah

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  7. Aww to cute. My husband also does little romance gestures here and there. Like make me breakfast on the weekends.

  8. Aw that is really romantic! Good job Chris! I think that when you are married, and in particular when you have kids, it is so important to recognize the little gestures and try to reciprocate them back to each other. It is not only good for the marriage, but great role models for your kids on how to treat people. Good for you both!

  9. That is so sweet. And great that you notice and relish the small things!

  10. Chris is a sweet guy! Glad you have him. My HM is sweet by doing little things that I have asked him to do and then all of a sudden (within hours) he has it accomplished and wasn't expecting it to do done for days. He is so away of me and what I need especially this past summer. whew, he as an angel on earth! I am so glad we have our wonderful husbands, and that include sweet Jim with Nora.

    Oh and my Mom hated black licorice. I love Twizzlers the best. I can not eat a Skittle to save my life. Those things are strange, those and Star-bursts. Same flavor different shape. lol

    Thanks for the comment on my hair. I don't know what it is doing but I know I am never coloring it again. I love the natural light white grey mixed with the darker gray. It is all gray and I have probably been this color for 15 years or so, under the blonde bleach/dye all over, so what the hey, roll with it, right ?

  11. How sweet!!! That guy is a serious keeper...but you already knew that.

    My husband although head-strong is quite good at being romantic. He once took me away on an entire trip he had planned in secret...we flew to LA...I thought we were going to Vegas and didn't know until the lady at the check-in said, "You don't know where you're flying to?", the seats were FIRST CLASS! with a pod for sleeping and everything (it's almost a 6 hour trip), then the car he rented was a cool sports car, then he drove to the Beverly Hills Hotel where he had booked a suite and there was champagne and strawberries waiting for us. Seriously it was the BEST. I will be remembering that trip the rest of my life.

    Most recently though he left again for his work and when I went to get into bed he had left a love note and a bunch of candy under the pillow. My love fairy : )


  12. That is so sweet--you've got yourself a keeper there. I'm with you, there's no time for those big romantic gestures these days, so it's the little things that mean a lot. My husband is great about getting dinner started if I'm running late, and he does more than his fair share of house work. Plus, he's such a good dad to Jona. That's the kind of stuff that means so much to me :)

  13. You are going to make me cry! That is so sweet! I love how adorable your family is, seriously, you guys are so cute!

    The outfit is cute too! I need to go thrifting, it has been awhile since I have been able to pull off an entirely thrifted outfit.

  14. What a keeper!! My husband doesn't do the big, grand romantic gestures but if I need milk, he'll run to the store even if he's had a super long day. And he's a good dad. That is what matters the most to me.

  15. Chris sounds a wonder!!!! xxxx

  16. Oh, I adore this post! It's the little stuff that means so much, isn't it? My guy's the same way! :) Lovely pics. Loving the leo print shoes and your little girl is beautiful! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  17. this is so sweet! i love the little things the most. but i want those grand sweeping romantic ones too! ;)

  18. Awh so sweet! I love grand gestures too but really cherish the little daily gestures. Love your necklace! Xo Tammy

  19. I think I prefer the small every day romantic gestures than the big grand ones! I had a rough day yesterday and Nate brought me a pumpkin - yes it sounds strange, a pumpkin instead of flowers - but he knew I wanted one to carve this year with Oliver so I thought that was sweet of him to bring home for me!

  20. chris made coffee for a sunrise date on the roof? ohhh man... you said the gestures weren't grand? that's about the best i've heard (ever). must.make.jon.read.this.