Monday, October 20, 2014

inspiration monday: whoopee cushion

the inspiration

sweater ~ b. (a resale shop)
clogs ~ rummage sale
jeans ~ thrifted
tank ~ H&M
hat ~ garage sale
necklace ~ Buffalo Exchange

nora bird

sweater ~ Forever 21
tank ~ H&M
jeans ~ Levis
shoes ~ Ebay
necklace ~ gift
We had a little contest over our long weekend. There isn't much shopping in the small city we stayed in, but there is a Family Dollar right next door to the condo. Armed with $5, we each walked to the store and picked out what we thought was the best bang for our buck. (See our picks and vote here.) So far, Henry is in the lead, mainly because one of his items was a whoopee cushion.

That night, as I was getting ready for bed, I happened to move my pillow. As the pillow went falling to the ground, I spotted the whoopee cushion underneath it. Henry was trying to get me. So what did I do? I snuck into their room and put the full cushion underneath a towel right next to Eva's side of the bed (thinking Henry would be exiting the bed on that side). It would make for a funny prank when he woke up the next morning....

Except instead of Henry waking up the next morning, Eva woke up in the middle of the night, a little scared because she was in a new place. She ran into our room ~ missing the whoopee cushion ~ where I calmed her down a little. And then she ran back to her room, only to step straight on the thing...scaring her all over again.

megan bird

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  1. Your whoopee cushion story brought laughter and smiles to my Monday! I don't own an Aztec sweater (sure wish I did), but I'm loving both of yours. I went with a colorful argyle. :) Thanks for hosting this fab link up! T.

  2. Ha ha. That's the whoops part of the whoopee cushion : )


  3. Aww, poor Eva. A whoopee cushion is a pretty good find--lots of bang for your buck I think :) I love both of your looks--those sweaters!! I want one of each, please!

  4. Oh no! I feel so mean that my first reaction was to laugh at that story! :) I have to tell you though that I love how this story just goes to show how much fun you guys have as parents!! And I've already professed my love of dollar stores before! I have no idea how I missed that instagram post though...but I think you guys all won with those deals!

  5. A whoopee cushion always give you the advantage, I think. :)

    I want both of your cozy sweaters... and that sparkly beanie!

  6. LOL, that is kind of funny, but poor Eva!

    I love both of your sweaters!!

  7. LOL Aw well I'm sure it will be funny one day! Don't feel too bad! I loved your challenge, btw, but I couldn't vote because I get all virtually guilt ridden voting for one kid and not another. And I really did like your lipstick and scarf! I'm weird.

  8. love your guys cardigan. whoopee cushion are awesome for pranks. Sorry to hear you was a fail.

  9. I've been looking for the perfect sweater in that style for me for so long and I have more or less given up hope at this point.

  10. That is something that I would do. And I'd laugh and then feel bad. It just makes your kids stronger, right? Love the Aztec cardigans!

  11. I love both of your Aztec cardi's and your tale about the whoopee cushion bought a smile to my face.

  12. #momprobs I love both of your sweaters!

  13. Oh the is funny about Eva getting the whoopee after all. I love both of your aztec cardigans and the way you stilled them. We just shop at Dollar Tree all the time because you save so much money there. I love to hit them at the beginning of a season; such as Valentines! They have the cutest things just right after Christmas that far beat out the regular store. But ya have to be early. Sorry I didn't comment yesterday after joining but we had family over for the last of their Fall Vacation. It was great fun! Yay!!!

  14. You both are rock'n this look today

  15. I want both of your cozy sweaters and that maroon sequined beanie.