Monday, October 6, 2014

inspiration monday: traveling parents

the inspiration
Miranda Kerr

megan bird

jeans, jacket, booties ~ thrifted
shirt ~ Marshalls
hat, sunglasses ~ Target
necklace ~ Buffalo Exchange

nora bird

hat ~ TJ Maxx
jacket ~ thrifted
booties ~ J. Crew via Second Debut
shirt ~ Marshalls
jeans ~ Levis

Chris and I went to San Francisco last week. He went for a work conference and I tagged along. Most days he was in conferences all day, and I was on my own. But we would wake up early in the mornings and just walk through the city exploring. I would shop and explore on my own while he was in conferences, and then we were lucky enough to have evenings together.

So again, we would just leave our hotel with maybe one destination in mind, and walk all over, exploring the city. 

Every day, without fail, at 5:30, we would call the kids to sing our goodnight song to them. Regardless of where we were, and regardless of who was around, we did it every night. We were the crazy people, singing Gilly Goodnight into my phone on the corner of Haight and Ashbury, or in front of the painted ladies, or even on the BART train. But my mom told me they wouldn't go to sleep until we sang to them, so it made it all worth it.

Thanks, Nora, for taking over the blog last week. You did a fabulous job, and it was a nice little break for me. I'm happy to be back and can't wait to catch up on blogs this week!
megan bird

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! SF is a lovely city. Love the stylings of the inspiration outfit. Truly, I need to invest in a white blouse! Thank you for hosting this link-up! T.

  2. Sounds like a blast! You girls look fab!

  3. Sounds like fun.

    I used to do the same with my husband. Often he would play hooky on a few of this conferences and we'd explore together. Otherwise I made sure I enjoyed the amazing bed at the W and room service. The luxury of laying in bed! (sigh)

    We need to go back to SF.

    I'm loving both of your hats and booties.


  4. Aww, that is so sweet. And that sounds like so much fun too! You both look great--you sure can rock the hats!!

  5. Glad you had an awesome time!

  6. I would do that too if I was out of town, I can't go to bed without telling my boy goodnight!

    I LOVE this inspiration and both of your looks, I didn't get a chance to pull it together for today but I want to do this one soon so I'm saving it!

  7. You both nailed this look! So sorry I missed your event again, I was in St. Cloud to celebrate my boyfriend's dad's birthday! October always seems to be so busy! Hope you had a great time!

  8. Loving the look on both of you! Glad you had a great time away M!

  9. Cool hats! I'm loving both of your outfits!


  10. You both look amazing! But I just loved this post. I think you guys are the best parents! I don't have kids, but I still do love reading posts like this, it makes me happy that there are such awesome parents out there.

  11. Aw yay welcome back! We did the same thing on our honeymoon with the kids while we were in Aruba. It is so important. Good for you guys!

  12. Sounds like so much fun! Andrew travels to a lot of cool places for work but so far I haven't figured out a way to come along. Lucky you! You both nailed the inspiration look, BTW.

  13. gilly goodnight? is that a special song? imma have to Google it :) miranda kerr is one of my style crushes, and i love love love how you two channel her look <3

  14. Adorable, so comfy chic!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  15. You absolutely crack me up!!! You are so funny Megan! I missed you but Nora did a super job!!!
    Your outfits are spot on and chic to it too! I don't think I did too badly today I'm pleased to say!

  16. I am all about floppy hats this fall! You both look absolutely fabulous. And so sweet to sing to your kids no matter where you are. I love that!

  17. Ladies I love your inspiration and even more I love your looks. I'm denim girl and double denim with hat,booties and white shirt for me is perfection, the wardrobe staple. But I have to admit I still haven't found the perfect denim jacket. I know it's waiting for me :)

    Megan, that little story put a smile on my face. So sweet. I love all the updates on your both instagaram. I still don't feel ready to be mom, yet you inspire me.

    Wishing you both fabulous week!

    xoxo Ra

  18. Very good! Meg you nailed it, and Nora, I like the darker jeans you chose.

  19. Aww, so sweet that you would call and sing the goodnight song to them :)

    Loving both looks!

  20. You both look better than Miranda. I am loving your hats and jeans. Pinning these looks, you two. =)