Monday, October 27, 2014

inspiration monday: First Class Wings

the inspiration
Paula Patton
megan bird

entire outfit ~ thrifted

nora bird

jacket ~ Fashionologie
shirt ~ Marshalls
jeans ~ Gap
shoes ~ Ebay

I had a very vivid dream on Saturday night. My dream was telling me that I should open a restaurant called "First Class Wings" and the attraction of this restaurant was that you could eat wings with stars. I'm not sure why a vegetarian would open a wings restaurant, or more importantly, how I would get celebrities to show up, but my dream was very adamant in telling me that I needed to do this. So adamant that I woke up, found my phone, and sent myself a reminder. I set the alarm on the reminder and everything, all in my sleep.

The reminder read:
" First Class Wings. Trademark. Eat with stars."

Apparently my sleeping self thought this was such a good idea that I needed to trademark it. So hopefully none of you steal this idea before I can make it a reality.

I even dreamed the signage. (In my dream it looked more like a street sign, this was the best I could do with my level of design expertise.)

What's your craziest dream?
megan bird

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  1. lol I love it. First Class Wings--the most original thing i've heard lately!

  2. LMAO!
    I love how you ladies always manage to tweak the looks for yourselves. The colorful booties and jacket are very cute.

  3. What a hilarious dream--and I love that you set a reminder for yourself too, that's even better. I'd come to First Class Wings...I love wings! :) Love both of your looks too, those red booties rock Megan, and I love that cropped jacket Nora!
    I dreamed the other night that I was being chased by an ostrich. A really mean ostrich. Luckily I woke up before he got me.

  4. Ha! I think this needs to be a thing! It sounds like a winning idea to me! My dreams were crazy over the weekend too, I almost felt more tired after sleeping than before!

    Love your boots Megan and your jacket Nora!

  5. Okay STOP! I am laughing so hard that I just cannot stop! I LOVE that dream and sleep-typing!

  6. Got to love have fun dream like that. Megan I so want your boots.

  7. oversized plaid and leather jackets- ive been seeing that on fashion blogs and pinterst a lot lately, and it makes me a little sad because my plaid shirts and leather jackets ARE THE SAME LENGTH. disappointing. guess i need to invest in an oversize plaid? that couldn't be a bad thing - sounds comfy and perfect for winter :)

  8. I consistently, in every dream I have ever had, cannot sit down. Or lie down. If I try, I spring up into the air. Like, I go, "Boing!" It is seriously weird.

  9. Funny you should mention . . . I have the CRAZIEST dreams all the time. It has become a joke in my house. This weekend my craziest dream was that I realized I was late to pick up my kids and started driving and all of a sudden I was driving up a glass building, but there was a stop sign there so obviously people regularly drive there. I soon realized, by asking a ticket booth seller, that I was in a third dimension. Colorado was gone (as was California "where the hippies who hate gas" were and New York, "the fashion capital of the world"--this is how I described them in my dream to the ticket booth lady). I tried calling Kaden but he did not answer and I tried calling my mom who's outgoing message indicated that she had to go to Australia to pick up my sister's mail.

    What? Weird right?

  10. such a cute jacket!! and that's a funny dream!

  11. If you need a graphic designer to help make your dream a reality, I'm your girl!
    Since slimming down my wardrobe I've been waiting for an Inspiration Monday that I could join in with and I could've done this one, even with my current wardrobe challenge of 16 items!
    Perhaps I'll do it tomorrow, a day late is OK, right?
    You both look fab. Those red booties are awesome!

  12. That's an awesome dream. I also recently had a dream that I was a head chef at some cool place on a beach somewhere even though I am a pretty lousy cook in real life.

  13. ya know, you guys some times I try to use your pic and other times I just join cuz I love ya so much. But my polyvore actually goes sort of along the same, 'boy-friend jeans' idea anyway. My HM has a horrible time with that style craze, cuz his jeans get that way from actually working hard, around the house and yard.LOL

    Loved your interpretations and YES we all need that JACKET!!! ♥

  14. I love that you got so inspired that you got out your phone and recorded it! This one might not be practical for your life but who knows if the next one might!! I have "movie" dreams. Which is kind of hilarious because I hate watching movies when I'm awake. But I'll have all-night dreams involving alien invasions, being the leader of a revolution, stuff like that. There's an opening, action, and a resolution! Andrew keeps telling me to write them down but so far I haven't. . .

  15. Ha ha ha ha! Of course it'd be wings with the stars? Not champagne or anything like that. : P If it was a martini or champagne bar with the stars I'd be there. Just sayin' ; )

    I often have awful dreams. Like there is an axe murderer in the house chasing me, or a guy with a gun that is going to kill me. I rarely get any really good dreams anymore it seems which really does bum me out.

    BTW...I need a partner for a great idea (well I think it's great! ha ha) I had...
    a Hot Man-icure salon...where they give pedicures/foot massages and manicures by really hot looking guys. I mean what lady doesn't want a good looking guy rubbing her feet for 30 minutes? Heck I'd pay for that. Let me know...I'm still looking for investors ; )


  16. I'm a very lucid dreamer and truly believe there's a message, for me, in most all of my dreams. Loving this one! Also adoring your renditions of the inspiration photo. I kinda missed this one--I did wear a leather skirt, though. ;) Thanks for hosting this link-up! T.

  17. Lookin' good, ladies. You always wear such great shoes. I love these. BTW, is it too late to invest in your new business venture? I see a big upside in it and want to get in on the ground-floor.

  18. Actually i LOVE that idea, but i may have been watching a bit too much shark tank!
    Love your interpretations, the red boots kick it, excuse the pun, and the layering is perfect, too!
    Happy venture building!
    XX, Elle

  19. you both nailed it. I want you two collections of plaid shirts and heels. Nora I own an almost identical jacket. I want to wear a similar outfit this weekend and link with you.