Monday, September 8, 2014

inspiration monday: garage sale mentality

the inspiration
Sarah Hyland
megan bird

skort, bralet ~ Target
shirt ~ TJ Maxx
shoes ~ thrifted

nora bird

shirt ~ H&M
shorts ~ Marshalls
shoes ~ gift from mom

We went garage saling in our neighborhood on Saturday. Every year, there are about 90 sales in our neighborhood, and it's one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday morning. 

We had been to numerous sales, and were making our way home when we passed a sale that had a huge sign that said, "Everything $.25!". Of course we stopped.

Immediately I saw a set of three vintage kitchen chairs. I thought they were cute, and certainly a good deal at $.25 each, but we're not on the market for chairs, and they weren't in fabulous condition. Still, in my head I was thinking that maybe I'd consider getting them as a project.

And then another man walked over to inspect them, and suddenly those chairs had to be mine. Why was he looking at my chairs? Back off!

He decided he didn't want them, and then, of course I did too. Because if there's something I don't really want, but someone else wants it, then I do too. And the minute they decide they don't want it, the value decreases in my head as well. So pathetic. 

But at least there are three less things collecting dust in our garage right now.

megan bird

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  1. Funny how that happens isn't it? :) Great styling of the inspiration photo! Thanks for hosting this fab link-up! T.

  2. What cute outfits! I'd wear these if I looked like you gals, but sadly...

    And it's true how often we act in relation to others. Nice story.

  3. LOL Isn't that funny how your perception changes?

    We were at a garage sale this weekend too. I'm not good at them. I prefer estate sales. But we were walking the dog and came across two. I *almost* bought a pair of red leather boots. They were too tight. I'm still a bit disappointed though. They were very nice and $5.


  4. So true how we can change our minds so easily based on what others are doing!

    And aren't you two super sassy in your sheer tops? Wowza!

  5. Sarah Hyland kills it on the red carpet- I feel like her style is so underrated. Love your re-created looks!

  6. LOL I've had those moments garage saling for sure! I went to one this weekend, but I was let down. It was all baby clothes but they were marked for $2 EACH!!! Say what??? No thanks! Love your shorts and classic looks ladies! And gah! You got the skorts! Love those!

  7. Haha! It's sort of like with kids - you're playing with my toy that I wasn't playing with but now that you are, I want it! Oh wait you're done? I don't want it anymore!

    Love both of your looks as usual!

  8. You both nails this outfit. Those people really want there items to sell to price everything for a .25

  9. Ha ha!!! Know the feeling! You look really cute- I love the shorts especially Nora! I wore black and white in honour of this but wasn't really feeling the outfit shot today! x

  10. You both look amazing And yes, I am the EXACT same way! Good job holding out! :)

  11. Ok, #1. Sarah Hyland is so dang adorable and in this outfit - wow! But not as cute as you guys, true!!! Why? Cuz I know you guys and I don't know her or she doesn't know me, is more like it. I'm sure she is wonderful and I love her on Modern Family. Did you know she is 23? True! She plays more like troubled teen, well at first she did. Can you tell I am hyper today.

    #2. I AM HYPER! I am a chemo survivor, I AM!!!!!

    #3. I love both of your shoes - oh I want them both - now you guys are size 7, right?
    ♥, Renae (i don't know your shoe sizes, dang)

    1. And ...Megan the Garage Sale scene was so typical of what most of us do. I will do that, too. You made me laugh out loud. I didn't get to one sale this summer, dang chemo! But be sure and see my IG post. Maybe you have already. Yikes. I am so hyper and over joyed is more like it. NO MORE CHEMO!!!!!! NO MORE CHEMO!!!! NO MORE CHEMO EVAH!!!!!!!!!! ♥, Renae

  12. I would wear both of these in a heartbeat :)

  13. Ooh I haven't hit up a garage sale in a while. I think it was trying to take Jona along when he was still in one of those ridiculously heavy carseats that killed it for me, at least for a bit. But I'm ready to try again, haha. Love both of your're smokin' with the shorts and heels ladies!!

  14. This is really good, I like the outfits.

  15. You ladies are both looking sexy. Each pair of black shorts is awesome!!

  16. So chic! I have a thing about chairs...I just love them.