Friday, August 29, 2014

megan is a...

I'm moving from our regular posting today because I'm lazy. And also because I think this is fun...and I'd like to hear what Google has to say about you. So instead of an outfit/food/DIY post, try this on for size.
Go onto Google and type "*your name* is a" and tell me what pops up.
Here's mine. And yes, I am a fruit loop. And sometimes a fox. And always awesome. ; )

Tell me yours in the comments below!
Have a fabulous weekend!
megan bird


  1. Haha a hippie instagram! I just tried mine and they all automatically turned into questions, "Is Inge a name?" "Is Inge a word?" Geez, people! Also I just found out that there is an apparently popular calculus question about Inge flying a kite. Who knew!

  2. I got Amy is the party. Also Amy is awesome

  3. Ha-ha! What fun. I got: Amber is a... mineral, natural analgesic, the color of your energy, life. I guess that is sort of close to a "hippie instagram"?

  4. Hmm... not so sure I like mine! Cate is annoying, is cate a word, is cate app available for iphone.

    Hey - that's fun! I'm an app!

  5. Mine was boring. Is a girl's name, etc. But I also go Tracy is wrong. Ha ha

  6. Mine is all pertaining to the Walking Dead thanks to the baby Beth who everyone thought was dead. And apparently some character Beth on Orphan Black too? So mine are as follows:
    Beth is alive
    Beth is alive Walking Dead
    Beth is alive Orphan Black

    I'm glad I'm alive I guess!

  7. Ha I got, Christina is a beautiful name, Christina is a business woman. I'll take it :) Hopefully we can reschedule soon, looking forward to it!

  8. LMAO this is so cool! I love the toddler one!

    I got awesome
    a cooking game
    and a poo head

  9. beck is a scientologist
    beck is a genius
    beck is all in your mind
    beck is awesome

  10. haha, mine said Jess is a mess! :) that was fun!

  11. Haha this is hilarious. Mine said Shea is awesome (love that one!), Shea is a tree nut (my personal favorite) and is shea a boy's name
    Fun!! I like the fruit loop one for yours :)

  12. Haha this is so funny! I wish mine said awesome :) it says Sharon is a Jewish name and can't argue with that one since I am Jewish!


  13. Megan, that sounds like such fun. i love what popped up, you are so funny, and I always love an unexpected post topic! You are awesome!
    xx, Elle

  14. LOL! Mine said: "Tina is an undercover police officer." Mums the word! ;) T.

  15. this is hilarious! I may steal it :)

  16. This is hilarious! Mine is:
    Sara is an administator at a bank
    Sara is awesome (nice!!)
    Sara is alive arrow (not sure what this means)
    Sarah is a poo (well that's rude!)